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Klonopin Addiction

ARC, West Los Angeles California
Klonopin (Clonazepam) addiction is a dangerous condition and withdrawal should only be conducted under the care of a hospital or qualified treatment center such as ARC. This is primarily due to the danger of clients with Klonopin addiction experiencing seizures when the drug is stopped suddenly without the aid of appropriate medications. ARC provides onsite medical detoxification services for Klonopin addiction. Safe detoxification for Klonopin addiction with ARC takes place under the supervision of physicians, nurses and qualified staff in a comfortable, dignified environment. If you or someone you know needs treatment for Klonopin addiction call 877 415 HOPE today. Our credentialed staff will answer any questions you have and help you find the Klonopin addiction resources you may need.
Klonopin is a brand name for a type of benzodiazepine. The generic term for Klonopin is Clonazepam. Klonopin is a benzodiazepine that is considered a “minor tranquilizer.” However, Klonopin addiction carries with it anything but mild consequences.
Mild tranquilizers have effects that include:
Hypnotic effects (induces sleep)
Anticonvulsant effects (prevention of seizures)
Amnestic effects (causes memory disturbances)
Anxiolytic effects (relieves symptoms of anxiety)
Sedative effects (depresses the central nervous system)
Muscle relaxant effects (decreases the tonality of muscle tissue)
Klonopin (Clonazepam) is typically prescribed for such conditions as:

Panic Disorder
Anxiety Disorders
Restless Legs Syndrome
Initial treatment of mania
Acute Withdrawal Symptoms of Klonopin Addiction

Long-term use of Klonopin can become problematic due to the development of physiological and psychological dependency both of which are characteristics of Klonopin addiction. It is estimated that 50% of people who are prescribed Klonopin for 6 months at therapeutic doses are physically dependent. Once dependent, acute withdrawal symptoms stemming from Klonopin addiction can include:

Panic attacks
Loss of appetite
Rebound REM sleep
Effects similar to delirium tremens
Post-Acute Withdrawal Symptoms from Klonopin Addiction

ARC treats post-acute withdrawal symptoms from Klonopin addiction with the aid of safe, effective, non-narcotic medications. Onsite staff resources of physicians and nurses are readily available and work closely with each client’s primary clinician to support any post-acute withdrawal symptoms that when untreated can persist for weeks or even months.Some of the post-acute withdrawal symptoms treated by ARC are:

Stress sensitivity
Memory problems
Inability to think clearly
Coordination problems
One challenge for people suffering from Klonopin addiction is that the acute and post-acute withdrawal symptoms of anxiety, panic and sleeplessness are often the very symptoms that Klonopin was prescribed initially to alleviate. These symptoms can compound on each other to create an internal sense of discouragement for clients during withdrawal which contributes to the high relapse rate for clients undergoing treatment for Klonopin addiction with traditional drug treatment centers. To combat this fact, the comprehensive addiction treatment program offered by ARC combines clinical experience with medical resources to ensure individuals and their families that each client will get the help they need in order to maintain their commitment to Klonopin addiction recovery. Education about the physiological impact of Klonopin is also an important element in recovering from Klonopin addiction. ARC provides educational groups which are designed to impart an inherent understanding of the physiological bi-products attributed to post-acute Klonopin withdrawal. This helps clients to cope with some of the unique emotional characteristics of post-acute withdrawal with a growing sense of hope that they are not alone and that addiction recovery is possible. (Many of the ARC staff are in recovery from Klonopin addiction and serve as empathetic, recovering role-models)

ARC Treatment for Klonopin Addiction is Unique

ARC provides onsite medical detoxification services for Klonopin addiction that treat the ongoing symptoms of acute and post-acute withdrawal throughout the entirety of the treatment process. Safe detoxification for Klonopin addiction with ARC takes place under the supervision of physicians, nurses and qualified staff in a comfortable, dignified environment. With ARC medical services are provided with clinical continuity of care during detox ensuring clients and their loved ones that the intense feelings and emotions common during withdrawal are both medically and clinically supported, nullifying the possibility of client relapse.

ARC Treatment for Klonopin Addiction Includes Holistic Detoxification Services

ARC also provides holistic detoxification treatment services for Klonopin addiction. As a treatment philosophy the purpose of offering integrated holistic treatment for clients of ARC is to expedite the process by which the body naturally cleanses itself. Holistic approaches are an additional tool to support clients undergoing treatment for Klonopin addiction. Holistic measures offered by ARC include:

Healing body work
Chiropractic treatment
Physiological treatments
Cleansing sauna treatments
Body cleansing nutrition and hydration techniques
Although ARC focuses on providing appropriate and professional medical services to address the early stages of Klonopin detoxification, these holistic approaches are often heralded by clients as the singular difference between the ARC Klonopin addiction treatment program and more traditional drug and alcohol treatment centers.

As clients successfully transition from detox into Phase 1 (Primary Care) they engage in a treatment program designed to promote sustained Klonopin addiction recovery. During primary care the ARC treatment philosophy is focused on addressing the underlying issues that have contributed to the onset of Klonopin addiction while personalized treatment planning helps bring resolution the personal, inter-relational, social and vocational circumstances that are often in disarray through the devastation created by the addictive process. Because individual circumstances and experiences vary during active Klonopin addiction, the individual therapeutic approaches offered by ARC vary to meet each client’s unique needs.

Some of the individual methods utilized by ARC during daily clinical sessions are:

Grief Therapy
Trauma Therapy
Somatic Therapy
Analytical Therapy
Reflective Therapy
Insight-Based Therapy
Reason-Based Therapy
Psychodynamic Therapy
Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy
Dialectical Behavioral Therapy
These methodologies focus clinical attention beyond the surface issue of Klonopin addiction and/or substance abuse. The ARC individual approach to treating Klonopin addiction allows clients to discard their more negative forms of self-expression while nourishing the positive aspects of their individual constitution back into consciousness and daily application.

ARC offers an experiential therapy program and year-round outdoor recreational activities. These programs help clients alleviate stress and serves to promote a growing sense of personal enthusiasm for living Klonopin free. Our regional weather and local natural resources (Pacific Ocean and Santa Monica Mountains) ensures enjoyment during these activities beneath the Southern California sun. All the ARC experiential programs are designed to meet the physical conditioning of each participant and take place weekly. As clients progress through primary care they may choose to enroll in Phase 2 Continuing Care or Phase 3 Extended Care. These programs are designed to meet the ongoing and transitional needs of clients continuing their road to sustained Klonopin addiction recovery.

When circumstances or time constraints prevent participation in further residential care, an aftercare plan is developed for each client by their primary clinician. This helps clients to overcome unforeseen future challenges during a long-lasting recovery from Klonopin addiction.As a component of Primary Care, the ARC family program addresses any issues that have evolved from the addictive process. This program helps to prioritize the multitude of problems that have developed and begins the process of resolution and reconciliation for clients and their loved ones. It serves as a great starting point for a new chapter to unfold in the lives of all those who have been impacted by the devastation of Klonopin addiction.

If you or someone you know is struggling with Klonopin addiction call 877 415 HOPE today. Our credentialed staff will answer any additional questions you might have about achieving addiction recovery.

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