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Free Drug Rehab Locator

SAMHSA – A Free Drug Rehab Locator Tool

There is often a sense of discouragement when attempting to enroll in a drug rehab center with no funds. The truth is that although the process may seem difficult – don’t worry. There are free drug rehab programs throughout the United States that are sponsored by the government, as well as drug treatment centers that are financed by charitable agencies. If you have found yourself in a situation where you require low cost drug rehab or free drug treatment then simply visit the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) website. This government agency offers a free online resource to help addicts in need find the help they require. To learn more visit Free Drug Rehab Locator.

Do You Have Medical Insurance?

Did you know that if you have medical insurance you may qualify for either mental or behavioral health services? In many circumstances, most PPO insurance plans will entirely cover (or at least offset) the cost of addiction and co-occurring disorders treatment. This means that it’s quite possible that your insurance will cover the cost of attending a program like the Authentic Recovery Center. If you would like to find out whether your insurance will cover treatment services visit FREE INSURANCE VERIFICATION.

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Free Treatment Los Angeles

Free Drug Treatment Resources

There are multiple free drug rehabs and alcohol treatment centers located in Los Angeles, California. Although many people seeking drug rehab, alcohol treatment, and addiction help, think that without financial resources there are no options, there are many free treatment programs that are low-cost, sponsored by donations, or that receive federal, county, or state funding. To learn more about how to locate these low-cost, county-funded, and free drug rehab options visit Free Treatment Los Angeles.

The Mission

The Mission is a free rehabilitation program for men and women located in downtown Los Angeles. Providing food, shelter, and rehabilitation services, the program offers free addiction and mental health treatment to individuals in need in the greater Los Angeles area.

To contact The Mission call the number provided below:

  • (213) 629-1227

To visit The Mission’s website visit Free Rehabilitation Services.

Beit t’ Shuvah

Beit t’ Shuvah (The House of Return) is a free treatment program for men and women located in Culver City, California. Both a residential treatment center for addiction and a Jewish congregation, the program offers religious services, food, shelter, and rehabilitation for substance abuse and gambling addiction. Additionally, Beit t’ Shuvah offers community outreach and prevention programs for at risk youth.

To contact Beit t’ Shuvah call the number provided below:

  • (310) 204-5200

To visit Beit t Shuvah’s website visit Free Treatment Center.

Low Cost Addiction Treatment in Los Angeles

There are also low cost and affordable drug rehab centers in Los Angeles County. This section provides treatment resources that are county-funded, affordable, or low cost in the greater Los Angeles area.

Clare Foundation

The Clare Foundation is a low cost drug and alcohol treatment center located in Santa Monica, California. With multiple options for care, the program offers affordable rehabilitation for both men and women seeking rehab in the greater Los Angeles area. They also offer Drunk Driving Classes and Drug Court services.

To contact the Clare Foundation call the numbers provided below:

  • (310) 314-6200 ext. 3152
  • (866) 452-5273

To visit the Clare Foundation’s website visit Low Cost Rehab Los Angeles.

Will Insurance Pay for Treatment?

In certain situations medical insurance may cover entirely, or at least offset, the cost of addiction and co-occurring disorders treatment. Most PPO insurance plans offer coverage and benefits that include both behavioral and mental health services. If you would like to find out if your insurance will pay for rehabilitation or supportive treatment services visit FREE INSURANCE VERIFICATION.

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