A Great Program

Before I went to the Authentic Recovery Center I attended two other drug rehab programs. I have to say that my experience at ARC exceeded my expectations. Their focus on my core issues was perfect for my needs. I had been able to stop using before, but I was never able to stay stopped. The staff at ARC showed me compassion and offered me excellent guidance to deal with my depression and anxiety. I don’t think I would have made it without their support. I’ve been clean and sober since 2005.

Simply the Best…

Having been through a few rehabs in my time, I feel like I am somewhat of an “expert” on drug rehab. I can’t say that I know all there is to know about staying sober, but I do think I’m aware of the different styles in treatment centers. First, I spent thousands of dollars on treating my addiction since the late 90’s. I have attended the supposed best, most “successful” rehabs in the country over the course of the last decade. Nearly all of them ended up being the same thing, a 12 step approach masked behind a great website. In addition to that, every time I enrolled in a facility, it was all smiles up until the moment I paid. Then I felt like I just became a number. My experience at the Authentic Recovery Center was precisely the opposite that.

Their approach was hands down, the most clinical of any program I have ever attended. I’ll never forget when my therapist told me ARC’s philosophy about addiction. She said something to the effect of, “Addiction is a tool. A tool that is designed to protect you and distract you from pain.” She went on to say that our work together would focus on what was causing me pain, and we did a lot of that work. I met with her 4 times a week and met with my case manager 1 time a week. The program separates therapy and 12 step work, and they felt I needed a lot of therapy. I think they must have been right because I’ve been sober ever since completing the program.

I have to say that I have grown accustomed to the 12 step program. I just don’t think I would have ever crossed that bridge if it hadn’t have been for the way the road to recovery was laid out for me at ARC.

My treatment didn’t end when I paid my admission fee. It began. I never felt like a number and with only 11 other people in the facility with me, I never felt like I slipped into the cracks. If you have been through other programs and felt like it was all BS, don’t stop believing that it can work for you. Certainly, if you’re thinking about attending the Authentic Recovery Center, definitely go there. It was one of the best decisions I ever made in my life.

My Experience

Before enrolling in the Authentic Recovery Center I was completely lost in my depression and my addiction. I had been through a few other rehabs before, and I felt like I was beyond help or hope. I left the program with a sense of achievement and contentedness. I’m not even sure how that happened, but I can tell you this. It was the smallest program I had ever been to and I did more individual therapy there than in all the other rehabs combined. Based on my prior experiences, it was a completely different approach. If you need support in dealing with anxiety, or depression, or anything like that – this is the program for you. I’m so glad I found them and I’m very grateful for the staff and all their support and caring.

Professional Observation

My name is Dr. Saunders. I have a practice in Northern California and I primarily work with substance misuse disorders. I have worked in the field of mental health services for coming up on 30 years and was not overly surprised when I was thrust headlong into a substance abuse situation with my grandson. He had clearly needed treatment for both addiction and mental health issues for some time.

Normally, I would’ve had a host of resources to offer a patient in my professional arena. But I found myself strangely paralyzed in this case. I’ve often heard that professionals make the worst practitioners with regards to their own family – but this was never more evident to me than watching myself in relationship to him. It was like watching everything I knew slip away from me when my son called me for help with his son.

I thought about all the substance abuse programs I knew across the country. I thought about all the patients I’d seen over the years. I flashed back over a thousand different treatment scenarios in my career, thought of many of the different rehabs, and to my surprise, none of them seemed fit for my own grandson. Finally, after mulling it over for a week or so I called a therapist friend of mine in Los Angeles.

I explained the situation to her, going over the “case” in explicit detail. I outlined his entire history over the course of about 45 minutes. I literally don’t even think I took a breath. Finally, I asked her, “Where do you think he should go?” She paused for a second and said, “For my family, I’d recommend the Authentic Recovery Center.”

I asked her why.

She said, “Because they make the complex simple.”

That was it. That’s what I needed to hear. I called them and spoke with a fine gentleman and asked about their program. He guided me through it like I was new to the process. He was a fine representative of their program. I believed in their approach and called my son after the call and told him that I thought this was the right fit.

That was a little over a year ago.

The treatment approach they implemented is the reason he’s here today. It was so bad near the end – literally, one of the worst cases of addiction I’ve seen in someone so young. It’s not chance at all that he’s been successful. They approached him with dignity and sophistication. They educated his parents and me, and diligently worked with him through the stages of change.

I am forever grateful I found them AND I am humbled by how much they have reinvigorated me for the work that I do.

Their name says it all.

A thousand thanks to them.

Real Life, Real Drug Treatment

Real drug use requires real drug treatment… If I could summarize my experience at the Authentic Recovery Center it would be “excellent.”

The program is simply amazing. It’s not like other drug treatment centers I’ve been too – and that’s not to say other programs were “bad.” It’s just to say the ARC program is different.

It’s totally about preparation and how to be clean and sober in the real world. The approach is so individualized; literally everything is addressed while you’re there. It’s a step-by-step process with a lot (and I mean a LOT) of one on one support.

If you’ve been to other programs and have been unsuccessful, or even if you haven’t and you just need drug treatment – go to ARC.


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