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About ARC

Authentic Recovery Center is a drug and alcohol treatment center located in West Los Angeles. Our facility offers a variety of treatment options which are designed to meet the individual needs of each client. Since addiction is such a complex and multifaceted disease, no two treatment plans are alike, although each treatment plan will typically follow a similar course aimed at achieving abstinence. Addiction treatment is provided in a wide variety of settings that include both inpatient as well as outpatient settings, using a combination of clinical, behavioral, and pharmacological techniques and approaches.

Learning About ARC- More Than Just Drugs And Alcohol

The basis of our treatment philosophy is rooted in the idea that many people exhibit signs of a drug and alcohol addiction because of issues related to dual diagnosis disorders. In other words, we believe that many people essentially abuse alcohol or drugs to self-medicate underlying psychological or psychiatric conditions. Our focus has always been to provide the most comprehensive rehabilitation processes in order to ensure that all the contributing elements of addictive pathology are addressed during treatment. This approach provides each client with the foundation necessary to recover and the greatest chance at success.

More often than not, alcohol addiction, drug abuse, and compulsive disorders, occurs in tandem with mental illnesses such as Depression or Anxiety. Clinically, the overlap between these different conditions can be difficult to identify, despite signs and markers that indicate their presence. Addiction and abuse manifests along the entire spectrum of human experience; it is not determined by socio-economic status or religion, nor is it shaped by other factors such as sexual orientation or ethnicity.

Learn About Our Recovering Community

Los Angeles was voted one of the top 10 cities to be sober and is one of the most “recovery rich” cities in the United States. In fact Los Angeles alone as roughly 3,100 Alcoholics Anonymous meetings a week which makes it a literal Mecca for individuals seeking to obtain addiction recovery. Clients who enroll with Authentic Recovery Center dual-diagnosis abuse and addictions treatment facility are often pleasantly surprised not just by the comprehensive clinical nature of the program or the personal support offered by our staff but also by the broad, welcoming nature of our cities recovering population.

Addiction recovery is a tough prospect for anyone and the realization that we are not alone in either our feelings or our recovery ambitions is sometimes the crucial ingredient that helps people to ultimately finally face down their demons and begin a new chapter in their lives. At Authentic Recovery Center clients meet a wide variety of recovering individuals as well as ARC alumni who are also in recovery from substance abuse, addiction and dual-diagnosis. These individuals are all a part of the broader community that branches out from ARC. They help our newer client’s feel welcome and can share some of their experiences on the road to recovery before, during and after they themselves enrolled at our treatment facility.

A wide variety of experienced professionals

ARC is also positively influenced by a broader availability of regional resources then are available in other areas of the United States. In essence, Authentic Recovery Center has the ability to attract qualified and diverse staff from a variety of local hospitals, colleges, and health care institutions. The close proximity of these services in Los Angeles allows programs like the Authentic Recovery Center to ultimately reduce the cost of treatment without having to sacrifice the quality of care that is offered to our program participants.

Create A Life Worth Living At Authentic Recovery Center

A fruitful recovery usually results in a busy life filled with happiness, self-esteem and confidence. Authentic Recovery Center focuses on creating a successful early recovery by incorporating a gradual transition back into the rhythms and activities of day-to-day living while treatment is still unfolding. When looking at recovery from the standpoint of it being a process rather than an event one can also begin to see how being located in a vibrant city really helps people all throughout the early stages of their recovery. When clients of ARC begin to consider reintegrating into everyday living, they find that they are not only already familiar with the recovering community in the city but that they can pursue an education, seek employment or get back on their feet without having to incur the shell shock of starting fresh in a new, completely unfamiliar environment.

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