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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you accommodate special dietary needs?

A: Yes. We can accommodate special dietary needs, including vegan and gluten-free diets. In treatment, your meals will be prepared by our in-house chef. Please speak to a staff member if you have any requests.

Q: Is smoking or tobacco allowed at the facility?

A: Yes. As much as we might discourage you from smoking or using tobacco products, you can smoke in designated areas.

Q: Am I allowed to use my mobile device in treatment?

A: We refer to your first 72 hours after arriving to treatment as a blackout period. This is designed to help give you space and begin decompressing from external factors that may be aggravating your recovery, or fueling your addiction and disruptive behavior. After this period, given it is conducive to your recovery, access to your devices are provided at specific periods throughout the day.

Q: When can my family come visit me?

A: Once you’ve been in treatment for seven days, you may have visitors on Saturdays only. All visitors must be approved by staff members, so please plan accordingly.

Q: Do we go on outings during treatment?

A: We will encourage you to take daily walks outside with other patients and staff members. On Sundays, we go on outings for recreation and fun. Past trips have included miniature golf, laser tag, go-carts, movies, hiking, beach walks and more.

Q: What personal items can I bring?

A: Before you join us for treatment, we will send you a packing list of what you’ll need, including a list of what’s allowed and what’s not allowed. If you have a special request that is not included in these materials, we will consider those items on an individual basis.

Q: How long will I be in treatment?

A: The amount of time in treatment will vary from individual to individual. Some of the factors affecting how long your treatment will last include your insurance coverage, the cost of treatment, the level of care you require, your personal symptoms, time to recover and more.

Q: How much does treatment cost?

A: The cost of rehab varies from person to person, based on factors including length of stay and insurance coverage. If you would like to get a better estimate of how much our programs will cost you, we encourage you to contact us directly.

Q: What forms of payment do you accept?

A: We accept cashier’s checks, wire transfers, personal checks and all major credit cards. Please note that we do accept Discover and American Express. To make payment for treatment, please contact the admissions department.

Q: Are there any hidden fees in the cost of treatment?

A: We do not cover the cost of your medications. Other than that, there are no hidden fees in the cost of treatment. When researching treatment centers, this is an important question to ask. Many facilities say that they offer certain services but then charge additional fees for things like psychiatric evaluations, psychological assessments, individual therapy, detoxification and more. At Authentic Recovery Center, all of these services and more are included in your initial program fee.

Q: What if I need to leave treatment early?

A: We have an extremely high program completion rate, but people do leave early from time to time. If you leave treatment early for any reason, you will have a term credit on your account that you can access for future treatment. This credit is non-transferable. Additionally, all clinical readmission criterion must be met before the term credit can be applied.

Q: Do you offer payment plans?

A: We do not offer payment plans. If you are having trouble paying for treatment and would like referrals to alternative treatment centers, please contact us.

Q: Are prescription medications allowed at the facility?

A: Yes. However, other than during detox, we do not allow habit-forming prescription medications during the treatment process. In other words, we don’t want people to come in on one drug and leave on another. We do not practice harm-reduction treatment techniques or chemical restraint.

We hope these FAQs have been helpful. If you want more information about our addiction treatment program, give us a call at (866) 256-0051.

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