Authentic Recovery Center - Our Approach

Our Approach

Lasting Recovery with Treatment That Works

This is your chance for a new beginning. Get centered and find hope again at Authentic Recovery Center where we provide you the foundation you need to recover and the greatest chance for success. In our safe space, we will equip you with the tools you need to overcome addiction — supporting you every step of the way.

Authentic Recovery Center - Our Approach

Treating Addiction and
Co-Occurring Disorders

Alcohol addiction, drug use and compulsive disorders do not appear alone. They often occur in tandem with mental health issues like anxiety, depression and trauma. Typically, when you start using alcohol or drugs more heavily, you may be attempting to self-medicate in the hopes of better managing stressors — like interpersonal or family conflict, job issues or financial stress. For addiction treatment to be effective, these core issues and stressors must be addressed during the initial stages of treatment and this work must persist throughout all phases of recovery. First, we’ll look at the underlying issues contributing to your desire to use drugs or alcohol in our secure, confidential treatment space. Then, we work with you to identify therapeutic alternatives to replace the addiction.

Authentic Recovery Center - Our Approach

Rooted in 12 Steps

We are proud to be one of the few treatment centers in Los Angeles that use the 12-step model as the foundation of treatment. These 12-step principles serve as guideposts to help you become and stay sober — and they can also help you break the cycle of gambling, sex addiction and other compulsive behaviors. Through our 12-step program, you’ll learn how to cope with your addiction, manage triggers and cravings, and create a life centered on meaning and purpose.

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Evidence-Based Clinical Therapies

As a Joint-Commission-accredited treatment center, our treatment method is shown to be both effective and evidence-based. Coming from a trauma-informed approach, we draw heavily from the 12 steps as well as established clinical therapies.

While you’re in treatment, we’ll educate you and expose you to a number of tools and skills that have worked for us and millions of others who are living with addiction. You’ll learn how to express feelings, process emotions and successfully resolve conflicts. Further, you’ll work with members of our clinical team who come from diverse training backgrounds and hold a number of different specializations and clinical interests. Many on our staff are in recovery themselves and lead by example.

We’ll share with you the foundational tools you need to create a robust and long-lasting recovery.
You take the first step to recover your authentic self.

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Support for Friends and Family

Addiction doesn’t just affect the one who is using; it affects entire families and communities. When you enter care with us, we will ask if you’d like specific individuals to be involved in your treatment. We’ll keep these individuals updated on your care and walk them step-by-step through the recovery process. We also hold an interactive family group weekly that offers family and friends a supportive community to learn about addiction, get answers to questions and find a source of hope.

Authentic Recovery Center - Our Approach

Connecting with the Community

Recovery from addiction requires accountability and community support is a great way to achieve that. When you are ready to discharge from our program, we will help you gradually transition back into the rhythms and activities of your daily life outside of the treatment center. We’ll send you off with all of the community resources you’ll need, including 12-step and alternative meeting recommendations and information about our alumni program. Addiction thrives on isolation. Our alumni program offers you an opportunity to regularly connect with peers who understand what you are going through. Daily or weekly support groups will be essential to your long-term recovery.


“I never felt like a number and … I never felt like I slipped into the cracks … Certainly, if you’re thinking about attending the Authentic Recovery Center, definitely go there. It was one of the best decisions I ever made in my life.” – Former ARC patient

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