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Authentic Recovery Center (ARC) is a leading addiction and dual diagnosis treatment center located in Los Angeles, California. We employ an advanced approach to rehabilitation creating individualized treatment plans designed to support clients with a broad range of issues. Through multiple levels of care and different treatment programs, we can customize rehab to the extent required to meet the needs of any person seeking help.

No matter how fine the physical atmosphere of an addiction treatment center is, it still is only as effective as the services offered will allow it to be. The idea that money buys a solution to addiction is preposterous – the idea that amenities and physical atmosphere creates recovery is equally as such. The staff…the staff that provides clinical services means everything. The crucial component of recovery from addiction, substance abuse and alcoholism is that licensed and certified professionals must create a foundation for understanding the nature of these conditions.

Our team consists of a variety of interdisciplinary, seasoned professionals that possess a comprehensive understanding of addiction and psychological and psychiatric issues. The vast majority of our team is personally recovering, which strengthens the conduit of communication and serves as a bridge of understanding and trust in the therapeutic relationship. Personal experience with addiction, substance abuse and alcoholism is truly paramount for a licensed and certified professional to be able to understand and convey the subtle nuances of the conditions of addiction, substance abuse and alcoholism – so that they can impart solutions to these conditions in a receivable and believable way. Addicts, substance abusers and alcoholics crave this understanding…without it they often feel like fish in a fish tank…observed, tended to – but not active participants in their own life.

Our staff is completely dedicated and professionally invested in creating successful outcomes for each client and their loved ones. With over 130 years of combined experience in the field of mental and behavioral health treatment, our clinical team represents a level of expertise unparalleled in the United States. Regardless of the complexities surrounding enrollment, our team works to develop an individualized treatment plan specifically designed to attend to each client’s needs. Our goal is to help our clients and their loved ones through each phase of the recovery process, day by day, every step along the way.


  • Jon Esformes, Founder
  • Greg Holden, LMFT, CADC-I, Chief Executive Officer
  • Heather Garrett, Chief Financial Officer/Human Resource Director
  • Hadas Zies, CATC, Chief Operating Officer
  • Joelene Knight, CATC, Director of Clinical Programming


  • Ben Lieberman, MSW, ASW, Program Therapist
  • Alonso Dominguez, LMFT, Program Therapist
  • Veronica Cleary, LMFT, Program Therapist
  • Arati Patel, MA/MFTi, Program Therapist

Program Case Managers

  • Frank Dorward, CATC
  • Kelly Wu, CADC
  • Elizabeth Kauffelt
  • Suzanne Evans

Ancillary Medical

  • Dr. Jonathan Reitman

Ancillary Psychiatrists

  • Ellie Mizani, MD
  • Mark Hrymoc, MD
  • Joseph Keene, MD
  • Sarah Mourra, MD
  • Kimberly Brown, MD

Psychiatric Testing

  • Courtney Karp, Psy.D.

Group Facilitators

  • Tala Johartchi, Psy. D, Psychoeducation
  • Shlomit Michaely, OMD, PhD, LAc, Insightful Meditation
  • Jim Cowgill, LMFT, Mindfulness
  • Justin Natoli, JD, LMFT, Healthy Relationships and Communication
  • Honey Dubrovsky, MA/MFTi, Grief and Loss
  • Rock to Recovery

Client Services

  • Allen Lavarias, Advisor Supervisor
  • Larry Betts, Transportation Coordinator

Admissions and Marketing

  • Diane Salandra, Admissions Coordinator
  • Scott Singer, Admissions Coordinator


  • Shay Lavarias, Accounting
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