Authentic Recovery Center - Success Stories

Success Stories

The experiences you have with us and the relationships formed here will shape the rest of your life.

Take a look at what our former patients have to say about their time in treatment with us and what it has meant for them.

Authentic Recovery Center - Aftercare & Alumni Program

“Before I went to Authentic Recovery Center, I attended two other drug rehab programs. I have to say that my experience at ARC exceeded my expectations. Their focus on my core issues was perfect for my needs. I had been able to stop using before, but I was never able to stay stopped. The staff at ARC showed me compassion and offered me excellent guidance to deal with my depression and anxiety. I don’t think I would have made it without their support. I’ve been clean and sober since 2005.”  ~ former ARC patient

Authentic Recovery Center - New Beginnings

“I never felt like a number and … I never felt like I slipped into the cracks. If you have been through other programs and felt like it was all BS, don’t stop believing that it can work for you. Certainly, if you’re thinking about attending the Authentic Recovery Center, definitely go there. It was one of the best decisions I ever made in my life.” ~ former ARC patient

Authentic Recovery Center - Success Stories

“Before enrolling in the Authentic Recovery Center I was completely lost in my depression and my addiction. I had been through a few other rehabs before, and I felt like I was beyond help or hope. I left the program with a sense of achievement and contentedness. I’m not even sure how that happened, but I can tell you this. It was the smallest program I had ever been to and I did more individual therapy there than in all the other rehabs combined. Based on my prior experiences, it was a completely different approach. If you need support in dealing with anxiety, or depression, or anything like that – this is the program for you. I’m so glad I found them and I’m very grateful for the staff and all their support and caring.” ~ former ARC patient

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