What Alcohol Rehab in Los Angeles Offers

In the United States, alcohol abuse is not a problem that should be taken lightly or overlooked. Therefore, a successful Los Angeles alcohol rehab has to offer comprehensive services to address all these unique characteristics of gaining alcohol recovery. Often, alcoholics and those abusing alcohol feel only specialized treatment will be effective for them. In some senses – this perspective has a truism in philosophy. In other words, the approach for alcohol rehab has to be nuanced to address the specific needs facing the individual. This is because alcohol is legal and readily accessible worldwide.

Unlike most illicit substances, alcohol constantly confronts alcoholics. You can purchase alcoholic beverages at virtually any store or restaurant. Thus, you need an intense focus during the rehabilitation process. This focus must be on not only understanding the alcoholism recovery process but on developing navigation skills when constantly confronted by the presence of alcohol.

Alcohol Rehab Los Angeles: Treatment Services And Detox From Alcohol

There are essentially three levels of care available for alcohol abuse treatment at Authentic Recovery Center. These are:

Alcohol Detox

The first step for many people exhibiting signs of alcohol dependence is detox. This level of care helps people withdrawal safely from alcohol. As an important aspect of successful alcohol rehab, this layer of support helps people to establish a platform of abstinence. However, clinicians do not consider it a full course of treatment without follow-up care. Medically orientated, clinically-based treatment settings focus on providing the most advanced treatment possible.

To truly take advantage of everything a treatment center has to offer, individuals must be clear of all mind-altering substances. During this initial phase of care, clinicians administer assessment and diagnosis protocols (medical and psychiatric care) to support the individual in building a treatment plan to address their basic recovery needs. After their alcohol detox has finished, they can progress to a more comprehensive level of care. This transition allows them to continue the process of healing.

Residential Treatment

Considered to be the most intensive form of alcohol rehab, inpatient treatment represents a residential aspect of the alcohol rehabilitation process. As mentioned above, clinically-based treatment settings offer an array of treatment modalities to better cater to client needs. This means that we integrate care across the mental and behavioral health spectrum and include individual therapy, group therapy, medical and psychiatric care, etc. Unlike the behavior-mod sector, these programs offer a detailed assessment process that is designed to address the co-occurring and dual diagnosis issues that contribute to addiction.

These programs are clinically comprehensive, highly individualized, and are usually more expensive than their counterparts. Although varying in scope, most inpatient treatment settings help problem drinkers to develop the skills and coping mechanisms required to maintain sobriety. Authentic Recovery Center offers clinical services designed to address the underlying causes that lead people to develop alcohol problems.

Outpatient Treatment

Intensive Outpatient Treatment, or IOP, is a non-residential form of alcohol rehab. Like residential programs, outpatient rehabs vary in both scope and focus. Some outpatient alcohol rehab centers are based on the concept of clinical treatment (i.e., Dual Diagnosis). Others are based on principles of behavior-modification treatment (i.e., 12-step programs).

As with their residential counterparts, choosing the proper outpatient setting boils down to whether or not the individual needs comprehensive clinical care or is merely in need of additional support. Often required for problem drinkers who have had previously unsuccessful attempts at sobriety after detoxification, this level of care represents a stabilizing force for the newly sober alcoholic. In the event that there is a dual diagnosis issue at hand – then an outpatient that focuses on co-occurring disorders is advisable. If the situation is more or less simply related to drug addiction – then a behavior-modification oriented outpatient program will suffice. In some situations, clients can effectively access outpatient alcohol rehab in Los Angeles after detox, but in most situations, outpatient symbolizes supportive aftercare services after clients complete residential treatment. Basically, if the individual is NOT physically dependent on alcohol, drugs, or prescription medications, they qualify for outpatient treatment.

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