The longer you drink alcohol, the more your body forms a tolerance to it. As a result, you must increase your intake to keep feeling the effects. In time, you become more dependent on the substance. When you do finally decide to quit drinking, you may experience severe withdrawal symptoms. Detoxing from alcohol becomes increasingly difficult.

Dependence on alcohol is both physical and psychological. Therefore, detoxing from alcohol requires both professional detox and rehab to help you manage your cravings and emotional attachment. A treatment center in Los Angeles can help you overcome your withdrawal symptoms and get you on the path to recovery.

Alcohol Detox & Withdrawal Symptoms

When it comes to detox, each person experiences different types and levels of withdrawal symptoms. Your recovery will depend on how long you have been drinking, the severity of your addiction, and if you combine alcohol with drug use. Some of the most common symptoms of detoxing from alcohol include: 

  • Nightmares, hallucinations, and insomnia
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Tremors or delirium tremens
  • Rapid heart rate and increased blood pressure
  • Anxiety, irritability, or restlessness
  • Intense cravings 

You may also go through periods of confusion or loss of appetite. During detox, a treatment specialist will monitor your condition and assess your progress. If you experience any severe withdrawals, you will receive immediate medical attention. In addition, a detox treatment specialist will provide 24/7 supervision so that you are never alone.

Alcohol Detox Timeline

Once you stop drinking, you can expect to feel the withdrawal symptoms within 12 to 24 hours. Symptoms will gradually emerge and peak within four to five days. During this time, you will feel increased discomfort or even pain. You may also feel anxious or depressed.

Once the withdrawal symptoms peak, you can expect to start feeling better after the fifth day. By day ten, you should start to feel better emotionally and physically. Also, the toxins from alcohol should be completely flushed out of your system. Although the symptoms are gone, you are likely to continue craving alcohol for several weeks. However, the cravings are more psychological than physical.

Goals of Detoxing from Alcohol 

The overarching goal of detox is to rid your body of alcohol. During this time, a mental health professional may assess your overall mental state and physical health condition. Another reason why detox is important is that it allows treatment professionals to stabilize your mind and body inside a safe environment.

Detoxing from alcohol is a gateway to rehab. Without it, rehabilitation is not possible. You must be physically and mentally capable of going through counseling and therapy in different settings for several weeks. Detox helps you transition into your treatment.

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