Cocaine is a powerful and addictive drug that originally comes from the cocoa plant of South America. For thousands of years, natives of South American countries would chew the leaves of cocoa plants for its stimulant effects before it was turned into what it is today. Cocaine is now an illegal drug, but it can be found almost anywhere in the world and is often sold in black markets and on the streets. It is usually broken down into a powder that is snorted. Cocaine is considered a Schedule II drug in the United States, which means it can be administered by medical professionals, usually as a topical anesthetic. However, it has a high potential for abuse and isn’t used often.

Another form of cocaine is called “crack cocaine” which is slightly different than what is considered regular cocaine. Crack cocaine is powdered cocaine that gets heated with baking soda and broken up into little rocks that are typically smoked out of a pipe. When the rocks are smoked, it makes a crackling sound. It is often called “rock” or “crack” for these reasons, and it is highly addictive and like regular cocaine, has a lot of devastating side effects.

Getting Treatment for Cocaine Addiction

The good news is there are ways to recover from cocaine addiction. Though everybody is different, it is important not to lessen the severity of your addiction by believing you can get sober on your own. The majority of people cannot get sober alone, no matter how successful or driven they may be. It is not a matter of resilience and more so a matter of disoriented brain chemistry that needs various support systems and therapies to be treated.

Cocaine is a particularly addictive drug, so it has the potential to cause severe withdrawal symptoms, physically and psychologically. During treatment, the first step is to detox the body of all drugs and alcohol and properly treat the withdrawal symptoms that may take place. 

During a medically managed detox program, doctors and psychiatrists will use various medications and therapies to help create an comfortable transition through detox. Then going forward, there are many options tailored to each individual to receive help for cocaine abuse. Some of them being: residential treatment programs, co-occurring disorder treatment and intensive outpatient programs.

What to Expect from Residential Treatment for Cocaine Addiction

There are many ways to seek treatment for cocaine addiction, one of them being a residential treatment program. During your stay in residential treatment, the primary focus is on stabilization and grounding, and you can expect a multidisciplinary team to aid in addiction treatment services in a compassionate and caring way. 

Authentic Recovery Center utilizes physicians, psychiatrists, psychologists, licensed professionals, experiential therapists and certified substance abuse counselors. During primary care, experiential therapy coupled with outdoor activities transmit a renewed enthusiasm for living. It also stirs up a sense of adventure during the ample day-to-day clinical routine. These recovery-oriented activities have proven to be the staging area for shifts in spiritual perspective. They are crucial to our client’s overall sense of gratitude and well-being.

Typical residential programs include the following: medical detox, psychological assessment/psychiatric evaluation, individual therapy, drug and alcohol counseling, group therapy, experiential therapy, disease model education, addiction education, dual diagnosis treatment for co-occurring mental disorders, trigger Identification and corresponding coping mechanisms, impulse awareness, shame reduction, family therapy, 12-step education, recovery fundamentals, relapse prevention education, meditation techniques, physiological healing and aftercare planning.

Getting help for cocaine addiction can feel overwhelming, but you are never alone in the pursuit of your sobriety. 


At Authentic Recovery Center, we know how difficult it may feel when faced with the reality of your addiction. You are never alone. We believe that with the right treatment plans, support and therapies, anyone can get sober and live happy, healthy lives. If you or a loved one has been affected by cocaine addiction, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us and schedule an appointment today. We have many different plans for the effectiveness of tailoring programs and we are here to help you. Whether you have questions about cocaine use, are concerned for a loved one, or are seeking in-patient treatment, call us today at (866) 786-1376.