heroin withdrawal symptoms man loading up needle to shoot heroin

Heroin Withdrawal Symptoms That You Must Know

Every year, thousands of people die due to heroin addiction. This problem needs to be stopped, but so many people fear heroin withdrawal symptoms. This anxiety is understandable because withdrawal is excruciating – and even deadly. As a result, it is essential to not only understand these symptoms but how to manage them to beat…

Alcohol Tolerance, several liquor bottles with man silhouetted in background drinking

Alcohol Tolerance

Alcohol tolerance refers to the body’s response to prolonged exposure to liquor, its ability to both metabolize liquor, as well as its ability to rebound from its effects. Tolerance is a physical phenomenon that increases incrementally as consumption of liquor continues over a period of years. What emerges along with the increasing tolerance is the…

Medical Detoxification, doctor speaking with patient at desk

Medical Detoxification Los Angeles Detox Center

If you need medically-managed detoxification, contact us now or seek medical attention immediately. The Authentic Recovery Center provides medically-managed residential detoxification services in Los Angeles, California. If you would like to learn more about our private detox center, please call us! While some Los Angeles rehab centers do not offer any type of medical detox,…

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Drug Rehab

What is Drug Rehab? Drug rehab is a shortened term often used in place of drug rehabilitation. Traditionally, enrolling in a drug rehab program was for a single purpose. That purpose was to rehabilitate a person exhibiting signs of addiction. Although our understanding of addiction has advanced significantly in the last century, many programs have…

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Free Drug Rehab Centers In Los Angeles

  The Authentic Recovery Center Does Not Offer Free Treatment However, you may be in luck! With some of the recent changes to insurance, drug and alcohol treatment is easier to approve. Thus, coverage by most PPO insurance plans is possible. You no longer have to seek out free drug rehab centers in Los Angeles.…

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Alcohol Rehab

What Alcohol Rehab in Los Angeles Offers In the United States, alcohol abuse is not a problem that should be taken lightly or overlooked. Therefore, a successful Los Angeles alcohol rehab has to offer comprehensive services to address all these unique characteristics of gaining alcohol recovery. Often, alcoholics and those abusing alcohol feel only specialized…

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30 Day Inpatient Rehab

An Overview of the ARC 30 Day Inpatient Rehab One of the distinguishing features of ARC’s 30 day inpatient rehab is its focus on comprehensively diagnosing and treating the foundational factors that contribute to addiction. Because the length of time is relatively short, ARC’s cross-disciplined staff and therapists utilize the 30 day inpatient rehab Los Angeles…

types-of-drug-abuse, pair of clenched fists before an assortment of drugs

Types Of Drug Abuse

Different Types Of Drug Abuse People can abuse any substance, medication, compound, or drug that induces either altered states of consciousness, euphoria, or both. Most of this abuse can lead to severe withdrawal, which needs a medically managed detox if the individual wants to stop. The many types of drug abuse cover the entire spectrum…

Man looking at himself in the mirror seeing the heroin side effects

Heroin Side Effects

Heroin side effects can have a devastating impact on a person’s life. Whether it’s an overdose or an addiction, heroin abuse can lead to health problems, job termination, family turmoil, financial crisis, dependency, mental disorders, or even fatality. As such, the toll that heroin can have on a person’s life is often irreversible.  For this…

Girl sitting down and thinking about her types of addiction

Types of Addiction

Addiction is a chronic disease that is characterized by ongoing substance abuse and behavioral patterns. While there are different types of addiction, the basis of substance abuse is the same across all disorders. It takes control in all areas of a person’s life, including family, work, health, social life, and mental health. What is the…

Two women talk to each other while enjoying the sober holidays.

Sober Holidays

When you are in recovery, you can still experience cravings, especially when you encounter triggers. The holidays may make it challenging to maintain sobriety. Alcohol and drugs are a part of countless holiday festivities. Sober holidays can sometimes be a struggle, especially in early recovery. But finding an enjoyable way to celebrate sober holidays can…

A mother, a daughter, and a grandmother enjoy a sober Thanksgiving together

Sober Thanksgiving

Sober Thanksgiving As winter approaches, the holiday season is now full-swing. Unfortunately, holidays can be tough if you are struggling with a substance abuse problem or are in active recovery. Partying is also especially prevalent during the holidays, which many times can make it hard to celebrate a sober Thanksgiving or New Year’s. Although not…

man with trauma from addiction

Trauma and Addiction

Most people who suffer from a life-altering experience often fail to see the connection between trauma and addiction. Surprisingly, the symptoms of both can develop simultaneously yet seem like they have nothing to do with each other. It is only through counseling that trauma victims see how their traumatic past has triggered their current addiction.…

a doctor explaining to a patient what is somatic experiencing

What is Somatic Experiencing?

When you suffer trauma, the aftereffects of your negative experiences sometimes feel unbearable. They make getting through normal daily activities difficult. This leads many people into substance abuse and addiction, as they struggle to cope in daily life. But more and more people in addiction treatment today wonder, “What is somatic experiencing and how can…

a man showing all the signs of heroin addiction

Signs of Heroin Addiction

You’ve been dabbling with heroin use. You do it for the euphoric high. Now you wonder if you’re experiencing the signs of heroin addiction. What does that look like? Typical Signs of Heroin Addiction Others Notice Therapists at the heroin addiction treatment center Los Angeles routinely work with people who are severely addicted to the…

a pile of pills that are fentanyl vs heroin

Fentanyl vs. Heroin

In the fentanyl vs heroin debate, there are similarities and differences. Perhaps the most significant similarity is that they’re both addictive opioids. What do you need to know about the other connections between these drugs? Most importantly, what are your options if you’re struggling with addiction? How Opioids Work At the fentanyl addiction treatment center…

a woman sitting on her bed dealing with alcoholism and depression

Alcoholism and Depression

The old saying, “Drowning your sorrows” makes sense when you consider the connection between alcoholism and depression. But not everyone with this dual diagnosis starts drinking because they feel overwhelmingly sad or low. In fact, many develop depression after prolonged use of alcohol, because of the effects alcoholic beverages have on the body and brain.…

a woman relieved after knowing does insurance cover rehab

Does Insurance Cover Rehab?

Before you enter a rehab program, you may be wondering, “Does Insurance Cover Rehab?”. Bluecross Blueshield drug rehab coverage covers a wide range of treatments for drug and alcohol addiction. The type and amount of coverage you currently have depend on the specifics of your policy and your eligibility. Blue Cross Blue Shield offers coverage for substance abuse…

a yoga class practicing mindfulness and addiction

Mindfulness and Addiction

How do mindfulness and addiction go together? In short, mindfulness based cognitive therapy has been valuable in helping people overcome addiction by retraining or redirecting the mind. Mindfulness is a state of mental awareness. In other words, you are aware of your mind’s activity. Mindfulness has been used in different types of treatment, such as cognitive-behavioral…

a woman using yoga for addiction recovery

The Benefits of Yoga for Addiction Recovery

Becoming sober can be a challenge, but the right support can make the process easier. Yoga for addiction recovery is just one option for people going through rehab. This kind of therapy is a complementary practice at normal rehab programs. It provides additional benefits that help someone remain sober. Getting Yoga for Addiction Recovery An…