A drunk man wonders if he suffers from alcohol abuse vs addiction

Alcohol Abuse vs Alcohol Addiction

Alcohol Abuse vs Addiction Many people do not know the difference between alcohol abuse vs addiction. For diagnostic purposes and purposes of treatment, professionals distinguish between Alcohol Abuse and Alcohol Addiction. The main feature that set these two phenomena apart is that they tend to move in one direction: e.g., over time, Abuse leads to…

A woman is upset about the signs of alcohol addiction

Signs Of Alcohol Addiction

Signs of Alcohol Addiction Alcohol Addiction vs. Alcohol Abuse Alcoholism and alcohol abuse are not synonymous terms. Although people frequently use them interchangeably, there are qualities that differentiate one condition from the other. Clinically speaking, Alcohol Abuse manifests as a cluster of maladaptive behaviors that in their own right are highly destructive to the life of…

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Physical Dependency Definition

Physical Dependency Definition Physical Dependency refers to a state of chronic Dependence on a medication or drug resulting from prolonged abuse. The state is characteristically defined by an increase in Tolerance and Dependence in which negative consequences occur despite continued use. It is additionally defined by symptoms of withdrawal when cessation of the drug takes…

a man talks to a counselor as part of his los angeles drug detoxification

Drug Detoxification

Drug Detoxification Addiction treatment begins with detoxification, which is the process by which the body rids itself of toxins. Generally speaking, doctors consider drug detoxification to be a medically-managed procedure. An addiction medicine physician skilled at creating a regiment that eases one’s transition into recovery oversees the process. At this phase, the kind of drugs…

a woman talks to a counselor at the best rehab program los angeles offers

Best Rehab Program

We Offer a Comprehensive Clinical Approach Unlike 100 years ago, when addiction was viewed as a moral problem, today we recognize that there are a host of factors that contribute to addictive pathology. In order for addiction treatment services to be effective, our staff must address these elemental materials that culminate in substance abuse pathology…

a man at a casino needs Gambling Therapy Los Angeles Rehab For Gambling Addicts

Gambling Therapy Los Angeles Drug Rehab For Gambling Addicts

Compulsive Gambling Compulsive gambling is an impulse control disorder in which the subject is driven by an overwhelming, uncontrollable urge to gamble. The impulse is progressive and becomes uncontrollable. It consumes more of the individual’s time, energy, and money. It can destroy everything that is meaningful in the person’s life. The compulsive gambler cannot control…

a doctor talks to a client at a california rehab center

California Rehab Center, ARC Is Different From The Rest

The broad scope of care available at the ARC California rehab center includes a team of physicians, psychiatrists, licensed professionals, experiential therapists and certified substance abuse counselors. Our treatment philosophy focuses on addressing the underlying issues that have contributed to each client’s addictive process. Traditional California rehab centers provide extensive information about drug addiction. However,…