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ARC is In-Network With Anthem Blue Cross

Jul 15 | 2015

Addiction Treatment In-Network With Anthem Blue Cross

We are proud to announce that every level of care offered at Authentic Recovery Center is now covered in-network by Anthem Blue Cross and all Blue Cross affiliates. It is now easier than ever to get the treatment that you or a loved one deserve. Now that ARC is in-network with Anthem Blue Cross we would like to take a minute to further explain the how this benefits everybody. Anthem contracts with a wide range of doctors, specialists, hospitals, labs, pharmacies, and now drug and alcohol treatment centers. These are the providers in your “network.” Each of these providers has agreed to accept your plan’s contracted rate as payment in full for services.

You’ve probably seen the terms “in-network” and “out-of-network” on your Anthem Blue Cross plan description. You’ve probably also seen the acronyms PPO, HMO, or EPO all over the Internet, or heard them in the doctors office. Hopefully we can help explain the benefits of Authentic Recovery Center being in-network with Anthem Blue Cross

Insurance coverage for drug and alcohol treatment programs can vary greatly, depending on the type of plan, and whether it’s public, private or group insurance. As frustrating as it can be to navigate your way through complicated coverage options at what is sure to be an emotional time, it’s important to remember your health is more important than anything. Anthem Blue Cross and Authentic Recovery Center want to make it as easy as possible to get whatever level of care is needed for you or a loved one.

In-Network Coverage for Drug and Alcohol Treatment Comes In Different Forms

Insurance companies have come to understand alcoholism and addiction as very treatable medical conditions. Prior to the enactment of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) in 2014, insurance coverage choices were relatively limited, and out-of-pocket costs were unfortunately not affordable. But insurers, like Anthem Blue Cross now, more than ever, recognize the psychiatric and physical effects of substance abuse and how they manifest over time, and have started to offer more rehabilitation provisions as a preventative measure.

Private Insurance.
While it costs more money compared to public insurance, the options available for healthcare are much broader and comprehensive, which can be a huge benefit during times when family members and others find their lives have been severely affected by a member’s alcoholism or drug addiction.

Private insurance refers to health insurance plans that are paid for by an employer or an individual person, and not subsidized by the federal government or any of its agencies. Rehabilitation options can include inpatient drug or alcohol rehab for what would be considered an extended stay—90 days, or longer. High-end facilities offer patients the chance to take advantage of luxurious amenities while receiving medically-managed detox and intensive, one-on-one counseling with licensed professionals, experiential therapists and certified substance abuse counselors to address any underlying dual diagnosis mental or behavioral disorders, such as clinical depression or bipolar disorder. Amenities may include fine cuisine, massage and fitness instructors, to name a few. Certain holistic treatment approaches, including Eastern practices such as acupuncture, meditation, yoga and herbal treatments in conjunction with traditional treatment may be covered.

Group Insurance.
Several group insurance packages include provisions for addiction rehab. Group plans can offer psychological health benefits and these funds, when made available, usually cover plans for alcohol and drug detox, residential hospitalization, long-term inpatient treatment and individual and group outpatient support. The main obstacle here is fear of losing work, and because of that some people refrain from taking advantage of their benefits.

Public Insurance.
Affordable inpatient drug and alcohol rehab treatment for people whose insurance does not cover behavioral or substance addiction. There are treatment facilities that are partially or entirely subsidized by the government, and these facilities accept state or federal medical insurance plans for full or partial payment of services. However, specific income guidelines are put in place for these plans, so clients should check with the rehab facility they are planning to enroll in or the right public insurance agency to determine if they are really qualified to avail themselves of public insurance programs that include addiction rehab.

Insurers traditionally base their approval for coverage regarding treatment for alcohol and drug rehab on what is known as “medical necessity” as defined by the insurer—not treatment professionals. Treatment plans must meet professional medical standards, the insurer may still reject a proposed treatment if it is inconsistent with other elements, such as costs and the recommended length of rehab dependent on the severity of the addiction or any co-occurring disorders.

Check if your Anthem Blue Cross In Network Coverage will work for you!

Before considering entering into any drug or alcohol rehab program, understand whether treatment is provided under your drug rehab insurance coverage. Finding treatment for alcoholism and drug dependency is one of the biggest hurdles toward recovery, and many people unfortunately give up at this point on their decision to get clean and sober. Again, not that Authentic Recovery center is in-network with Anthem Blue Cross finding the appropriate level of care is easier than ever.

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