GoldSeal_4color-1Unlike 100 years ago, when addiction was viewed as a moral problem, today we recognize that there are a host of factors that contribute to drug addiction and alcoholism. Our drug and alcohol addiction treatment services philosophy is to address the underlying causes of substance abuse. We treat the core issues, not just the addiction. Authentic Recovery Center is a Dual Diagnosis treatment center. We understand there are many contributing factors to addiction. ARC offers each client a personalized treatment plan. Clients receive the benefit of the most advanced and comprehensive clinical techniques available to successfully overcome their addiction. So if you’re looking for an addiction treatment Los Angeles offers, look no further.

Inpatient and Outpatient Programs

Dual Diagnosis

In the barest sense, dual diagnosis is the idea that most people abuse drugs and alcohol to self-medicate a root psychiatric or psychological issue. For effective addiction treatment, core issues of substance abuse must be addressed. Our Los Angeles dual diagnosis treatment center will begin this process during the initial stages of treatment. Simply by enrolling in treatment, people are removed from their patterns of abusive consumption of alcohol and drugs. This allows therapy, psychological techniques, and psychiatric medicine an important role in addressing the emotional, physical, and cognitive symptoms. These issues are present when a person is operating from a place of having a non-chemically altered state of mind.

Medically Managed Detoxification

Considered the first step towards recovery for many clients, medical detox services are an important component of effective addiction treatment services. At our Los Angeles medical detox center, prescription medications are utilized by a private doctor to alleviate dangerous and uncomfortable signs of withdrawal. Because the individual in detox is so fragile, it is imperative that detox reflects the larger goals of treatment. Reaching these goals require specialists working in tandem to provide comprehensive care.

Residential Treatment

For many people, simply detoxing is not enough. Our residential treatment center in Los Angeles offers a resource for clients who are highly motivated to change. They need support and understanding for both why they use substances and how to stay clean and sober and be happy. At this juncture of treatment, education and a dawning clinical awareness of how and why one’s addiction manifests is critical. Through intensive individual therapy and rigorous group processing, destructive patterns of behavior are analyzed. Then faulty modes of reacting are deconstructed at the addiction treatment Los Angeles trusts.

Continuing Care

After people complete residential treatment there is often the need for an intermediate level of ongoing residential support. Through continued observation, both individually and on a group level, our trained professionals distinguish between temporary symptoms and root psychiatric conditions. Clinicians provide program oversight designed to support people in their ongoing recovery. That doesn’t prevent them from working or pursuing scholastic achievements. This level of care is ideal for helping people to safely move forward in life.

Intensive Outpatient

For clients that are transitioning from Continuing Care, a Los Angeles Intensive Outpatient Program represents a non-residential level of care ideally suited for many people’s needs. Sometimes they just need clinical support for addiction or dual diagnosis issues. More often than not, the behaviors of drinking and using are just the tip of the iceberg. Even after a pathway to recovery is established, there often exists a hardened psychological system. This system often contains negative beliefs, emotional instability, and unresolved issues. In this program, which runs Monday thru Friday, from 10:30 AM to 3:30 PM, people can continue clinical treatment and develop meaningful relationships with other like-minded individuals on their own journey in recovery.

Aftercare Program

Authentic Recovery Center’s substance abuse aftercare program is built around a vast and vibrant alumni community. We provide the full spectrum of support helping each client receive treatment in a way that works within the framework of their own belief systems and individual experiences. One of ARC’s guiding philosophies regards this transitional period as its own phase of treatment. This phase has its own discrete set of issues and concerns. As such, ARC meets these needs with a distinct set of clinical protocols specifically geared to address the ever-changing needs of our graduating population.

Addiction Treatment Services With Multiple Levels Of Care

One of the unique aspects of Authentic Recovery Center addiction treatment services is that we offer so many different levels of care. With both inpatient and outpatient programs and short and long-term treatment options, our program offers multiple choices for drug and alcohol rehab. Our entire treatment approach is based on the concept of customized and personal treatment. We are fundamentally different in this regard. Many people that enroll with us have been to multiple addiction treatment Los Angeles centers. They often have tried to stop drinking and using on their own. In many circumstances, the primary reason for a lack of sustainable success with recovery is simply because the core psychological or psychiatric issues have not been addressed and properly treated.

In order for our addiction treatment services to be effective, the core issues that culminate in substance abuse have to be addressed during the initial stages of treatment and must persist throughout all phases of recovery. Each person is unique and without question, what one person will respond to will not always work for another person. Unfortunately, many traditional addiction treatment Los Angeles centers offer rehabilitation with a cookie-cutter approach that allows many people (especially those with a dual diagnosis) to slip through the cracks. With a total residential capacity of just 12 people, we can ensure that treatment will be tailored to the unique needs of the individual. If this sounds like the way you need to recover from addiction, contact Authentic Recovery Center at 866-256-0051.

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