Suffering anxiety along with addiction is not unusual. According to recent studies, about 20 percent of US citizens with anxiety disorders also have a substance use disorder. So if you abuse alcohol or drugs and also suffer from anxiety, you do not stand alone. The good news is that an anxiety treatment center Los Angeles provides help for addiction that will help you achieve lasting sobriety with less anxiety.

What is Anxiety?

Depressed man may need an anxiety treatment center Los Angeles trustsAnxiety is actually a collection of disorders causing symptoms like fatigue, restlessness, attention problems, muscle tension, headaches, lethargy, and sleep problems. This bundle of traits occurs as part of phobias, panic attacks or general anxiety.

When you suffer from anxiety, you tend to harbor phobias and avoid situations that trigger your panic attacks. This limits the quality of your life. And, as many people do, you start using alcohol or drugs to help you feel more relaxed and less anxious. This only leads to abuse and addiction and the need for help at an anxiety treatment center.

If you suffer from panic attacks, your anxiety builds very quickly from general feelings of anxiety to those similar to other medical emergencies. These symptoms include heart palpitations, chest pains, shortness of breath, sweaty palms, nausea, trembling, dizziness and hot flashes. From that list of symptoms, you can understand why many people experiencing a panic attack fear it is actually a heart attack. Many go straight to their local emergency room when they actually need to enter an anxiety treatment center Los Angeles offers.

Who Suffers from Both Anxiety and Addiction?

Virtually anyone who suffers anxiety might face addiction. The same is true for people with an addiction who develop an anxiety disorder. Women actually outnumber men, when it comes to anxiety disorder. Many people who suffered trauma in their lives also live with these co-occurring conditions.

The Anxiety Disorders Association of America points out that adversity early in life often leads to panic disorders. Childhood sexual or physical abuse commonly causes anxiety in adulthood. Women who suffer abuse or trauma as children experience high risk for PTSD and panic disorders.

As said before, both genders experience anxiety. But women suffer from this condition more frequently. In fact, almost twice as many women as men suffer generalized anxiety disorder. Likewise, twice as many women experience PTSD, panic disorder and agoraphobia, as compared to men.

Why You Need Help from An Addiction and Anxiety Treatment Center in Los Angeles

When you have a mental illness like anxiety along with an addiction, you need dual diagnosis treatment. This type of anxiety treatment center Los Angeles trusts can help you recover from both of your conditions at once. Not getting help for both at once leaves the untreated condition to send the treated one into relapse. This is how mental illness joined with addiction creates a cycle of despair.

Also because anxiety often leads to addiction and vice versa, gaining help at an anxiety treatment center specializing in addiction, actually gives you a better chance of lasting recovery. With your anxiety treated, you no longer feel the need to soothe yourself or relax using alcohol or drugs. You learn coping skills for your addiction and your anxiety too, meaning you overcome life’s stress and hurdles without the need to drink or abuse drugs.

Where to Find the Anxiety and Addiction Help You Need

The addiction and anxiety treatment center Los Angeles takes place in a quality detox and rehab facility with a focus on dual diagnosis treatment. Authentic Recovery Center in West Los Angeles, CA provides this help for both of your conditions. Through dual diagnosis programs at Authentic Recovery Center, you can reduce your anxiety for a better life while also freeing yourself from your addiction.

Programs at Authentic Recovery Center include:

When seeking an anxiety treatment center Los Angeles offers, remember your priority is for quality addiction detox and rehab with anxiety disorder treatment. An anxiety treatment facility alone will not provide the strong recovery from addiction that you need. To end the cycle of your two conditions, you must enter a dual diagnosis treatment program.

In West Los Angeles, you get the help you have long needed from an addiction and anxiety treatment center. You learn how to control and reduce your anxiety while also rebuilding your life in lasting recovery. Call Authentic Recovery Center now at 866-256-0051 to learn more about dual diagnosis treatment programs and addiction treatment services.