Everyone has difficult days, bad moods and down periods. But when your low moods outnumber your happy days, you possibly suffer from depression. Many people start self-medicating their depression and then experience addiction, too. When you live with these problems, you need help from an addiction and depression treatment center Los Angeles provides.

Do You Need Help from a Depression Treatment Center?

Sad man in dark needs a depression treatment center Los Angeles offersIn people without depression, low periods come and go. Instead of lingering, they are easily remedied by things that make them happy, like spending time with family or friends. But millions of Americans suffer from depression and do not visit a depression treatment center to get the help they need. For these people, depression remains for an extended period of time with low moods that do not go away.

Ongoing depression is a serious mental illness. With this illness left untreated, you can experience many consequences, as can your family. The condition keeps you from enjoying a healthy and happy life. The CDC reports that 10 percent of all Americans suffer this mental illness and need help from a depression treatment center.

In a treatment center, you undergo therapies designed for your specific needs. With this therapy and other adjunct services, you regain control of your emotions and start participating in your life again. You stop feeling sad, tearful and empty every day and start exploring other interests in your life.

After you gain help from a depression treatment center, you stop suffering mood-related problems with your relationships, as you do today. You also stop withdrawing from people who care about you and start looking forward to days ahead. You maintain jobs and engage in social activities more easily.

When Depression and Addiction Go Hand-In-Hand

People experiencing depression and not receiving the depression treatment center help they need often fall into addiction. They start using drugs or alcohol because they need to feel more balanced in moods, energy and social activity. Many choose alcohol for these reasons.

Unfortunately, the early “high” you feel with alcohol or drugs when depressed goes away. This happens as you draw yourself further into tolerance and dependence on these substances. By the time addiction sets in, the happiness you once felt from drinking or using drugs gives way to despair. Your substance abuse and depression feed off each other, creating a cycle only helped through an addiction and depression treatment center Los Angeles trusts.

About 25 percent of people with mental illnesses like depression also suffer addiction. When you have both addiction and depression, you need the help of a dual diagnosis treatment program. This type of program combines leading depression treatment methods with addiction therapy services you need for recovery from substance abuse. A dual diagnosis program helps people with many kinds of mental illness and addiction, specifically, depression.

Regardless of where you live or what addiction you suffer, depression puts you at high risk. Far too many people fail to get the help they need from a depression treatment center Los Angeles offers. But dual diagnosis treatment can mean the difference between life and death.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment in West Los Angeles

Seeking help from an addiction and depression treatment center Los Angeles trusts is one of the best decisions you will make. Whether the treatment is for yourself or someone you love, never underestimate the risk that each day of continued depression and substance abuse brings. When you find yourself ready for help from an addiction and depression treatment center Los Angeles trusts, contact Authentic Recovery Center.

Authentic Recovery Center provides evidence based treatment and programs including:

Authentic Recovery Center treatment is in-network for your Blue Cross, Anthem, Aetna and Cigna health insurance. Call Authentic Recovery Center now at 866-256-0051 to learn more about available programs and therapies. Through the help you receive at this quality addiction and depression treatment center Los Angeles trusts, you can rebuild your life and enjoy greater happiness ahead.