Making the decision to enter inpatient alcohol rehab Los Angeles is a big one. In rehab over days, weeks and months, you will go through some of the most productive changes of your life. In essence, this is where your life begins again. For your fresh start in freedom from alcohol dependence, get to know the ins and outs of an inpatient rehab program at Authentic Recovery Center.

Alcohol Detox Comes First

Couple deciding on inpatient alcohol rehab Los Angeles offersToday’s alcohol detox center feels more relaxed and more comfortable than ever before. That is when you go through medically supervised detox at Authentic Recovery Center. This first step in your recovery journey clears the alcohol and other substances from your body and brain. Getting clean takes away your physical addiction and clears your mind for the work to be done in rehab.

Detox takes between five days and two weeks, depending on your medical condition and other factors of your substance abuse. Most people graduate to an inpatient alcohol rehab Los Angeles after about seven days. During this process, you gain medical supervision and individual treatment planning. This supervision and planning help you stay comfortable in detox, with helpful medications used for your worst symptoms.

In detox, caring staff also help you deal with the changing emotions of withdrawal. This support helps you cope and break through your alcohol cravings. You also receive proper nutrition and hydration, something not easy to manage during unsafe detox at home. All in all, Authentic Recovery Center detox before inpatient alcohol rehab Los Angeles keeps you safe, secure, comfortable and healthy from start to finish of the withdrawal process.

Entry Into Inpatient Alcohol Rehab Los Angeles

After detox, you enter inpatient alcohol rehab Los Angeles, also at Authentic Recovery Center. You meet with your admissions counselor and go over basic details of your detox experience. This specialist also gets to know how you feel while preparing you for your next phase of treatment.

Remember that many people working in detox and rehab programs actually live in recovery, themselves. So they understand your journey firsthand. Feel free to ask any questions. They want to help you feel comfortable and welcomed into alcohol addiction treatment.

A quick medical evaluation checks your blood pressure, temperature, and other health signs. You go over current medications if you take any. All of this information exchanged at intake helps your counselors form a treatment plan that meets your unique needs.

Next, you go through a facility tour. You learn the location of the kitchen and dining areas, as well as other common areas. You see your room and meet some of the staff and clients, too. The goal is for you to feel right at home, welcomed and supported.

Therapy and Support of Inpatient Rehab

In your inpatient alcohol rehab program, you live at the facility. By doing so, you gain full focus on your recovery, instead of on your triggers and temptations. You get distance from alcohol and drugs, as compared to exposure to these substances at home. You also receive 24-hour support from peers and staff, people who understand what you need during this critical time.

Mealtimes in rehab provide a social atmosphere. You bond with peers and counselors in this time when you also receive the basic building blocks of better health. Proper nutrition helps you feel better for treatment. You start looking healthier, too.

Of course, therapy plays a significant role in your recovery. At Authentic Recovery Center, you undergo a mix of individual, group and family therapies. These include behavioral therapies, educational sessions, and relapse prevention. Treatment for your dual diagnosis condition, such as depression or anxiety, helps you feel mentally tuned in and emotionally stable at the same time.

One of the best aspects of your care at Authentic Recovery Center is the assignment of your own medical doctor, psychiatrist and substance abuse counselor. Your counselor helps you navigate the moment-to-moment trials of putting addiction behind you. So you develop a close bond with this person who works to help you find lasting recovery.

Inclusions of Authentic Recovery Center Treatment

Inpatient alcohol rehab at Authentic Recovery Center in Los Angeles includes:

Your inpatient alcohol rehab Los Angeles at Authentic Recovery Center builds a foundation for your best possible future in sobriety. So call Authentic Recovery Center now at 866-256-0051 for the treatment you need to put alcohol behind you.