Alcohol addiction doesn’t go away by itself. It’s a medical condition that requires professional intervention. How do you start the process? A stay at an alcohol detox center is the first step.

Why Detox?

Clinician and client discussing this alcohol detox centerAn addiction typically has two components. One is physiological in nature. The other part is psychological. It’s not possible to treat the mental element until you overcome the physical aspect.

An alcohol detox helps you overcome the body’s cravings for the drug. You deal with the withdrawal symptoms. Until you break the physiological hold the drug has on you, your body believes it needs the alcohol to live. Alcohol addiction treatment starting at an alcohol detox center guides you through this process.

What Happens at an Alcohol Detox Center?

At the Authentic Recovery Center, you work with a medical doctor who establishes a treatment protocol. The medical detox process minimizes physical discomfort. It ensures your safety. Possible treatment modalities include:

  • Complete health evaluation that notes a medical history and current conditions that you receive treatment for
  • Pharmacological support, which keeps you comfortable as the drug leaves your body
  • Assistance with craving control if needed
  • Consistent monitoring of your progress to adjust treatment and medication
  • Nutritional support that prevents dehydration and keeps your body stable throughout the alcohol detox

Because this alcohol detox center also offers clinical care, there’s room for the integration of psychological treatment. As you gradually overcome the physiological dependency on alcohol, you ready yourself for clinical treatment. At Authentic Recovery Center, there’s the opportunity for doing so.

Why an At-Home Unsupervised Detox is a Bad Idea for Alcohol Addiction

It’s tempting to try to save a few dollars. You start the day off strong. You empty your alcohol bottles into the sink. Some people go so far as to cut up their credit cards to keep them from buying more.

But things start to get difficult when the withdrawal symptoms get stronger. Suddenly, you’re wavering in your resolve to quit drinking. The gastrointestinal upset, profuse sweating, physical pain, and overall misery make you want to go back to using. You know that a drink could make all these symptoms disappear.

However, there’s another reason why withdrawing at an alcohol detox center is a better option–delirium tremens (DTs). Some people will experience the DTs. However, it’s impossible to predict who’s in danger of doing so. By the time the seizures begin, you may not be able to call for help.

A medically-monitored alcohol detox factors in the possibility of the DTs. Staff members watch out for markers that indicate seizure activity. And since the facility is among in network insurance providers for Cigna, Anthem, Blue Cross, and Aetna, you’ll have coverage. You don’t have to jeopardize your health or suffer needlessly to save money.

What Happens after Detox?

Post-acute alcohol detox opens the door to a different set of withdrawal symptoms. These call for clinical intervention. Examples include an inability to process stress, depression, sleeping problems, and overall restlessness. Program participants who quit treatment right after detox are now at high risk for relapse.

Those who continue treatment receive personalized care. At Authentic Recovery, you have the option of spending 30 days deepening your healing. Examples of treatment include:

If necessary, there’s a long-term stay option. Participating gives you the opportunity to dig deep and understand what made you reach for the first drink. It enables you to recognize stress and triggers. Moreover, you develop the relapse prevention tools for dealing with them.

Once you graduate from treatment at the facility, you benefit from the center’s full continuum of care. Many program participants take part in an intensive outpatient program and then an alumni program. You integrate back into your life but still receive help. This progression of treatment makes the most sense for the majority of our clients.

Isn’t it time to get a handle on your alcohol addiction? Start with a stay at our alcohol detox center. Contact the caring therapists at the Authentic Recovery Center today by dialing 866-256-0051 now.