As a woman seeking help from a womens detox center, what holds you back from starting this treatment now? Do you feel hesitant, alone or ashamed? How will a women’s program help you bridge the gap between what you want for yourself and what society expects of you?

As you look for the right womens detox center Los Angeles may offer, remember that your inner voice guiding you to treatment speaks your truth. You deserve a better life and you need to do what it takes to get there. What it takes starts in a womens detox center.

Women Approach Getting Help Differently than Men

Smiling woman in the middle of group at womens detox center Los AngelesWe all realize men and women take different life paths with very unique experiences and perspectives. But it took until the end of the 20th century before medical communities recognized that men and women enter addiction treatment differently. It took that long to see that treatments affect the genders uniquely, too.

How a man enters a Los Angeles mens detox program does not compare to how a woman comes to a womens detox center Los Angeles. Likewise, teens have their own motivations for teen substance abuse treatment Los Angeles. Anyone with a teen needing this help knows it can prove difficult to convince them they need help and are not invincible.

This is why today’s Los Angeles womens rehab program provides individualized treatment planning designed for women. Your therapists and addiction counselors approach your recovery as unique to you. At Authentic Recovery Center in Los Angeles, this detox treatment and rehab charts a unique course of healing for you, with your specific needs in mind.

Hurdles to Treatment that Women Face

Women often avoid entering detox or rehab because they do not realize a specific womens detox center exists. So in looking for the right place to start recovery, they feel overwhelmed and uncomfortable with their prospects. The family doesn’t want to support women entering treatment, whether because of financial issues, child care or other reasons. This makes you feel even more alone in your decision-making process.

Women more often fear losing child custody if they admit a problem with alcohol or drugs, as compared to men. This pushes women into silence.

But once women gain access to the help they need, they enjoy the same likelihood for achieving recovery as men. The key is in accessing the support you need. That help takes place in a womens detox center, one that understands your need for supportive peers, the right addiction therapy services, on-site child care, and other crucial womens detox center Los Angeles services.

All of these services for women play a significant role in getting you into detox treatment, then following that fresh start with the therapies you need during rehab.

What Does a Womens Detox Center and Rehab Include?

Authentic Recovery Center’s womens detox center Los Angeles helps you feel comfortable, safe and secure during your inpatient detox programs. This includes gaining effective medications, nutrition, medical supervision and support from the beginning of withdrawal, to its end. Once you complete detox, being in a womens program helps you take the next steps into rehab for a better future.

Women’s treatment at Authentic Recovery Center includes the mix of therapies you need to heal past trauma, mental health problems and struggles you face on a daily basis. You learn healthy coping skills to manage your day to day stress. In group therapy and family therapy, you also learn to build better communication with others. This helps you achieve healthier relationships, not feeding the cycle of substance abuse or other problems.

Women struggle to believe they deserve undivided attention of their own needs. But for your own recovery and the best future for your whole family, you need to take time to focus on yourself at a women’s detox and rehab including the¬†psychotherapy treatment Los Angeles provides.

West Los Angeles Treatment at Authentic Recovery Center

Do not put off getting the help you need for the life you deserve. Explore Authentic Recovery Center’s (ARC) drug and alcohol detox and rehab treatment programs for women in West Los Angeles. At ARC, your treatment plan includes the right mix of programs and therapies for your own best recovery among other women just like you. These methods include:

Contact Authentic Recovery Center in West Los Angeles. You’ll learn more about daily life at womens detox center and rehab treatment. Call 866-256-0051 and start building the life you and your loved ones deserve.