Recovery from drugs takes work. That is the truth of your condition and what you face on the road ahead. But you can achieve the lasting, fulfilling recovery you seek, with the right help. Many people in your shoes turn to Authentic Recovery Center for inpatient drug rehab Los Angeles trusts.

Do I Need Inpatient Drug Rehab Los Angeles?

Smiling people in group session at inpatient drug rehab Los Angeles offersThere is no shortcut to healthy recovery. You know after using drugs for an extended period of time, addiction controls you. You do not control any part of your addiction. That is, except for when to end it and start looking for substance abuse programs.

Making the decision to enter rehab involves multiple steps and several levels of care. There is no quick fix for strong recovery or the life you want. Shortcuts are why you find yourself here now, considering rehab treatment.

When you enter inpatient drug rehab Los Angeles at Authentic Recovery Center, you invest in your own future. This investment requires you to put the drugs behind you and focus on what works for lasting wellness. The experts and caring professionals at Authentic Recovery Center provide everything else for you.

When you decide on inpatient rehab at ARC, you enter one program for detox, rehab treatment, and your substance abuse aftercare programs. This seamless treatment means no rushing around to decide on a detox facility, then which rehab. You do not need to search for community programs for support after rehab. All of this treatment, support, and education takes place in West Los Angeles.

Your inpatient drug rehab Los Angeles also provides an individualized treatment plan that starts with your medically supervised detox, carries you through rehab treatment, provides the therapies you need, and lasts well into aftercare at home.

About Medically Managed Detox in West Los Angeles

Your inpatient drug rehab at Authentic Recovery Center begins with detox. You must break free from your physical addiction to drugs, to tackle your root causes of that addiction. This first step ends your drug use altogether. Your body and brain learn how to work without your drugs, for the first time in a long time.

Of course, nothing is easy, right? But your detox at Authentic Recovery Center provides medical supervision and support from the beginning of withdrawal to its end. This opiate, benzo, prescription painkiller or meth addiction treatment Los Angeles includes:

  • Medical detox
  • 24/7 supervision and support
  • Medications for uncomfortable symptoms of withdrawal
  • Sleep and emotional management
  • Medical care when needed
  • Nutrition, hydration, and comfort

Therapy at Inpatient Drug Rehab Los Angeles

One of the most critical aspects of Los Angeles inpatient drug rehab is therapy. Therapy educates you about your addiction and its root causes. Through this education, you learn how to avoid relapse. You gain life skills and coping skills while building support for recovery.

Individual therapy includes behavioral therapies, such as CBT, DBT, and EMDR. You also gain individualized care for your dual diagnosis. This includes treatment and therapies for co-occurring conditions like depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder or PTSD. Your individual therapy also builds bridges to more complete group and family therapy, too.

Group therapy provides peer-based support, interaction, and education. You learn about yourself, as mirrored through your peers in treatment. Group therapy comes in many forms and takes place in a variety of settings. The same is true for family therapy, which helps everyone in your circle recover from the addiction.

At inpatient drug rehab you have the most significant focus on what you must learn and achieve for lifelong sobriety. This environment takes you away from triggers, temptations, and the stress that have no place in your focused treatment. You also learn how to deal with these daily life problems and relapse triggers. This means that when you return home, you stand firm and sober against them.

Starting Your Drug Treatment in Los Angeles

For your detox, inpatient drug rehab Los Angeles and aftercare, Authentic Recovery Center provides the programs, therapies, services, and support you need. The professionals at Authentic Recovery Center know what you need and how to help you achieve your goals for a better life.

Therapies, programs, and methods of treatment at Authentic Recovery Center include:

Find your best path into strong recovery through inpatient drug rehab Los Angeles at Authentic Recovery Center. Call 866-256-0051 to start this journey with support and guidance from beginning to end in West Los Angeles.