If you are like most people, you want the quickest way out of your addiction. But long term drug rehab offers more benefits than any other type of addiction treatment center, particularly when it comes to staying sober for the long term. So instead of looking at how quickly you can get back into your daily routine, consider things from a different point of view. Ask yourself instead, how you can gain the best promise of long-term sobriety.

Should I choose a shorter drug rehab program?

Woman speaks with her therapist at a long term drug rehab centerSpending 30 days in a short-term drug rehab sounds long enough, especially if you have work or home responsibilities. But these programs do not prove as worthwhile as long term rehab. In fact, many people who go through a short-term residential program suffer a relapse.

According to the Department of Veterans Affairs, 21-day inpatient rehabs like these do not work well for people with moderate to severe addictions. This fact remains true even when outpatient rehab and aftercare follow the short-term residential program.

According to experts, long term drug rehab is much better than intensive outpatient programs, too. IOP programs suit people at low risk for relapse and those without the need for medications, such as for depression or anxiety. But intensive outpatient programs have high dropout rates. They also do not meet the needs of people in acute withdrawal or those at risk for health problems.

Like IOP programs, partial hospitalization meets only specific peoples’ needs. Those include people not at risk for a challenging withdrawal. PHP works well for those repeating treatment after relapse, too.

The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) recommends 90 days of treatment for the best results. When you consider your program options, think about this recommendation for long term drug rehab. After all, you want to gain the best possible chance of recovery that lasts throughout your lifetime. Otherwise, you may find yourself back in treatment again, after suffering a relapse.

How Long Term Drug Rehab Works Best

A long term rehab center Los Angeles offers can supply you with your best chance of long term recovery. In fact, odds are better that you will see your long term rehab through to its end, as compared to short-term programs. In a longer-term program, you engage in treatment more deeply and feel more invested in your recovery. It is true that the longer you stay in rehab, the better your chances for the life you want.

Statistics prove that people who stay in treatment for longer than 90 days do better in recovery. Going through tiered levels of care after long term rehab, such as through a residential treatment center, then PHP or IOP and aftercare also works better than just residential alone. So why compromise your future through short term rehab or a quickie approach? You deserve a long term rehab center Los Angeles offers for a brighter future.

Where to Find a Long Term Drug Rehab in Los Angeles

Deciding to enter a long term rehab center Los Angeles is the right choice for yourself, your loved ones and your future. Now all you need to do is to find a quality Los Angeles rehab center that provides a long term program. Authentic Recovery in West Los Angeles supplies this treatment through an array of programs and therapies that give you the best possible chance for lasting recovery.

Authentic Recovery’s Los Angeles treatment programs include:

Whether you know you need long term drug rehab, or you think another program may fit your needs, call Authentic Recovery Center in Los Angeles now at 8662560051. A caring counselor will provide information and support for your best decision. So call now.