Compared to a woman, the average man begins to abuse alcohol or drugs earlier in his life. Men are usually pre-teens or teenagers, and addiction follows them into adulthood. However, they don’t always seek help, and when they do, they may not receive sufficient treatment. A Los Angeles mens rehab program can make them feel more comfortable and address their needs.

How Drugs Affect Men

Man taking a deep breath relaxing at Los Angeles Mens Rehab programAlong with using substances at different times in their lives, men use drugs for different reasons than women. Also, drugs affect men differently. For instance, men suffer from more development and brain growth issues because they typically start using drugs earlier in life. They also seem to have more severe addictions in adulthood.

With alcohol, men’s bodies metabolize the drug faster than women’s bodies because they often weigh more. They also have more water per pound, which helps their bodies process alcohol. For that reason, men don’t get drunk as fast as women and can drink more substantial amounts of alcohol. However, drinking more puts them at risk for specific health problems.

Differences in genes, digestion, and hormones impact alcohol and drug effects on men too. A mens rehab center in Los Angeles will educate them about and address these specific issues.

Risks of Drug Use in Men

A Los Angeles mens rehab program helps men deal with the risks that they face with drug use. Drug-related crime is a common problem among men with a substance use disorder. In some cases, they get involved in violent crimes, including drug trafficking.

Many of the violent crimes consist of domestic abuse, in which they cause injury to women. Most of the men who commit these crimes regularly abuse alcohol. Drugged and drunk driving accidents happen very often with men as well.

On the other hand, some men are prone to depression and suicide because of substance use. They tend to feel significant mental distress when the effects of the drug wear off.

Other health issues that men face because of drug abuse include heart disease, sterility, impotence and certain cancers. They could also contract sexually transmitted diseases from unprotected sex.

Why Choose A Los Angeles Mens Rehab Center

By enrolling in a mens rehab program, men can get help for the specific problems above. Not all men suffer from these issues, while others can face different challenges. Because of that, personalized care is necessary for addiction treatment to work. A Los Angeles rehab center is the best place to get customized care.

A mens rehab program also removes distractions from treatment. Quitting substance use can leave an empty spot in mens lives. Many of them try to fill it with intimacy. However, that’s not a healthy solution.

Instead, a Los Angeles mens rehab helps them focus on recovery. It shows them how to fill their time with more constructive activities as well. Some examples include exercise, creating art or music, and spending time with supportive loved ones.

With other men in rehab too, they can see that they aren’t alone. The community environment encourages men to engage in conversations with others who have similar experiences and feelings. These aspects give them hope for a future without drug abuse.

Furthermore, a Los Angeles mens rehab prepares men for the stress they may face after treatment. It provides relapse prevention planning to reduce the risk of using drugs again. This element is essential because men are more likely than women to relapse.

A relapse prevention plan could include a substance abuse aftercare program, continued therapy with a private therapist or regular support group meetings. An aftercare program is ideal. However, combining private therapy and support group meetings provides the best support.

Rehab for Men at Authentic Recovery Center

Do you want to begin a mens rehab program to overcome addiction? You can get the customized treatment you need at Authentic Recovery Center. Our addiction treatment services facility in West Los Angeles offers a full spectrum of care. We also can provide an affordable treatment program because we’re in-network with Aetna, Anthem, Blue Cross and Cigna for many levels of care.

At Authentic Recovery Center, we’ll appoint a medical doctor, substance abuse counselor and licensed psychiatrist to your case. Everyone on your team works together to ensure that you get the best care possible. Depending on your needs, they’ll collaborate to decide which programs and services will benefit you the most. Some examples of what we offer includes:

Don’t wait any longer to seek a Los Angeles mens rehab program. Get the personalized care you deserve at Authentic Recovery Center. Reach out to us at 866-256-0051 for immediate help.