While struggling with a substance abuse disorder can make you feel trapped, recovery is always possible. A men’s addiction treatment center in Los Angeles can provide you with the compassion, guidance, and tools you need to beat addiction.

Addiction doesn’t discriminate. Anybody, regardless of age, race, gender, or background, can develop a substance abuse disorder. Nearly 20 million Americans ages 12 or older meet the criteria for addiction annually. Although addiction and substance abuse disorders are relatively common, most people struggling with addiction fail to receive help. With drug overdoses becoming the leading cause of death among Americans under the age of 50, addiction is deadlier than ever.

Men and AddictionA man sits with a therapist at a men's addiction treatment center in Los Angeles

Both men and women can develop a substance abuse disorder, but men and women both experience addiction differently. Men are more likely to try illegal drugs and experience hospitalization related to their drug use than women. Overall, the reason why men abuse drugs and alcohol also varies from the reasons why women abuse substances. Even though more men suffer from substance abuse and addiction issues than women, men are less likely to reach out for help. Additionally, addiction typically progresses slower in men than women. Identifying symptoms of a substance abuse problem as soon as possible is essential to recovery.

Addiction is a chronic and progressive mental health disease. It makes you to compulsively abuse drugs and alcohol despite having a strong desire to quit. You are left to deal with harmful consequences, such as damaged relationships, as a result of your drug use. Substance abuse disorders change your brain chemistry, which impairs your judgment and causes mood disturbances.

The stages of addiction begin with your first use, progressing to regular use, abuse, and, finally, dependency. Drugs and alcohol can cause both physical and psychological addictions, with physical addictions resulting in painful withdrawal symptoms when you try to stop using.

Because men and women abuse drugs for different reasons, a men’s addiction treatment center specializes in adapting recovery programs specifically for the unique needs men have.

What a Men’s Addiction Treatment Center Offers

A men’s addiction treatment center offers both inpatient and outpatient programs. Inpatient programs are best if you have a severe addiction, comorbid conditions, or multiple attempts at recovery. Inpatient programs are residential, meaning that you stay on campus 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This increased supervision and support ensure that you have access to treatment professionals around the clock.

Inpatient and outpatient programs at a men’s addiction treatment center offer both evidence-based and holistic therapies, such as:

During treatment at a men’s addiction treatment center in Los Angeles, you will learn how to identify and change negative thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. Additionally, treatment programs will offer relapse prevention education, which is a critical way to learn how to handle obstacles like cravings and triggers.

We can also provide you with detox services. Withdrawal symptoms can make it challenging to stay abstinent. A men’s addiction treatment center in Los Angeles can provide detox services which limit the severity of your symptoms. Completing an inpatient or outpatient program also helps you learn how to create and maintain healthy boundaries with friends and loved ones.

Finding Help Today

Addiction can cause damaged relationships, employment problems, and financial debt in your life. Reaching out for help from a men’s addiction treatment center can ensure that you have the structure, understanding, and support you need to recover. Call us today at 866.256.0051 to learn more about the best men’s addiction treatment center Los Angeles offers. We can help you regain control of your life.