Two young woman at residential treatment center Los Angeles ARCA residential treatment center Los Angeles trusts addresses the initial needs of clients beginning their journey into recovery from drugs and alcohol. We offer a 30-day residential treatment program with a focus on stabilization and grounding. Primary care at ARC, also known as residential treatment provides a groundwork to begin recovery. A multidisciplinary team of professionals combines their medical, clinical and personal experiences to deliver addiction treatment services in a caring, compassionate fashion.

Treatment during primary care interrupts the addictive process and imparts insight and awareness of the causes and conditions of addiction. We also provide supportive tools for continued recovery.

In meeting these objectives, the Los Angeles rehab center utilizes physicians, psychiatrists, psychologists, licensed professionals, experiential therapists and certified substance abuse counselors. During primary care, experiential therapy coupled with outdoor activities transmit a renewed enthusiasm for living. It also stirs up a sense of adventure during the ample day-to-day clinical routine. These recovery-oriented activities have proven to be the staging area for shifts in spiritual perspective. They are crucial to our client’s overall sense of gratitude and well-being.

30 Days In a Residential Treatment Center

Primary care joins innovative clinical services with an inventive treatment curriculum. It is designed to address the early needs of clients seeking alcohol or drug rehab. Our treatment methods are comprehensive and personalized for each individual. We carefully consider each person’s future substance abuse aftercare needs and facilitate client placement in supportive transitional services helping to forge the way for successful, long-term client recovery outside of residential treatment centers.

The treatment objectives for primary care are the initial needs of clients suffering from alcoholism, drug addiction or substance abuse.

ARC Residential Treatment Center Los Angeles Facility Clinical Options

The treatment curriculum during Residential Treatment includes:

Residential treatment, primary care, is an inpatient level of care designed to support clients beginning the road to recovery. This happens after the initial medically managed detox is complete. The ARC rehab facilities’ treatment philosophy approaches each client individually so that the basic principles of recovery are receivable. Our clinical team evaluates each client. We create personalized treatment planning and determine what clinical methodologies can be employed. We want to help each person expand their horizons within the framework of their own belief systems. The daily curriculum imparts educational material and provides each client with a positive peer community where new recovery principles can be practiced and established. Each client learns about the disease model, 12-Step philosophy, and trigger identification. In that way, new coping mechanisms can start to take root as the recovery process begins to take hold.

Personalized Treatment

The individual experiences and circumstances that could inhibit sustained success are assessed through individual therapy and substance abuse counseling. Each person is provided the opportunity to implement a personalized program of action within a safe environment so that reintegration to daily living can take place with a practiced set of new responses.

Addiction Is A Family Disease

When necessary, each client has the opportunity to undergo a family program or relationship counseling to help with some of the intense challenges that have been born from behaviors resulting from drug addiction and/or substance abuse. ARC believes that behavioral responsibility is crucial. Everyone around the addicted client starts fresh. Relationship resolution often takes time and a residential treatment center Los Angeles allows each client and their loved ones to begin the process of reconciliation and helps to provide relief from the difficult feelings and emotions that have burdened the hearts of all those involved.

What Comes After Leaving Residential Treatment Centers

Primary care serves to establish a personal foundation in recovery. For individuals struggling with addiction or abuse issues, primary care within a rehab centers framework can represent an opportunity to learn how to maintain sustained abstinence through the multitude of challenges that arise in early recovery. If a client so chooses they may participate in a long-term stay in our rehab facilities. They may also enroll in any level of care as a standalone program of assistance. Here the designed curriculum meets specific recovery needs.

While the focus during a residential treatment center Los Angeles offers helps to identify the underlying issues that have contributed to the addictive process, our second level of care (continuing care) represents an opportunity for in-depth continued processing of these issues. Our next levels of care (intensive outpatient program or aftercare) are truly transitional levels of care where the focus is on safe social reintegration, vocational training, educational pursuits and life skills training.

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