Alcohol can decrease your inhibition and impair your judgment. This puts you at risk for engaging in dangerous behavior like driving while intoxicated. Alcohol abuse is also especially dangerous for women. Women are more likely to experience medical problems as a consequence of their drinking. A women’s alcohol rehab center in Los Angeles is typically necessary to recover from alcoholism, as withdrawal symptoms and cravings can make it hard to recover alone.

Alcohol is one of the most popular psychoactive substances in the United States, with more than 70% of adults consuming alcohol within the past year. Even though alcohol is legal, it is highly addictive. Ethanol, the active ingredient in alcohol that is responsible for the intoxicating effects, is also lethal in large amounts. Alcohol poisoning requires emergency medical attention and is responsible for at least 2,200 deaths each year in the United States.  

Women and AlcoholWoman talks with her therapist at a womens alcohol rehab center in Los Angeles

Alcoholism has no known cause, meaning both women and men can develop a drinking problem. Addiction occurs when you compulsively drink alcohol in excess despite wanting to quit. You can also deal with severe consequences as a result of your drinking and still have difficulty remaining sober. During alcoholism, your brain associates alcohol with pleasure. Alcohol causes your brain to release more GABA, a pleasurable neurotransmitter than it should. This rush of GABA causes the positive effects you experience while intoxicated.

About 5% of all women in the United States have an alcohol misuse disorder. Alcoholism develops quicker in women than men. Women experience medical problems such as brain damage and heart problems more frequently and earlier than men who have an alcohol use disorder. Since women typically weigh less than men, women can deal with liver problems, such as fatty liver disease, far sooner than men.

Another risk associated with alcoholism among women is that struggling with an alcohol misuse disorder can increase your chances of experiencing domestic violence or sexual assault. Alcohol can significantly impair your coordination and motor skills, which can lead to falls and accidents. When you become physically dependent on alcohol, you can deal with painful and even life-threatening detox symptoms when you stop drinking. Acute withdrawal symptoms, like delirium tremors, can be fatal and require immediate medical treatment.

A women’s alcohol rehab center in Los Angeles focuses on helping you throughout the entire recovery process, including detox.  

What is a Women’s Alcohol Rehab Center?

Since women face different obstacles in recovery, a women’s alcohol rehab center specializes in crafting personalized programs to help you learn how to manage your recovery. For example, many women in recovery have children and worry that treatment can interfere with their family life. A women’s alcohol rehab center in Los Angeles can offer family counseling to ensure that your loved ones are a part of your recovery.

A women’s alcohol rehab center can also offer:

During treatment at a women’s alcohol rehab center, you will learn how to identify and cope with triggers. Triggers can be people, places, or things that remind you of alcohol and cause cravings. Cravings can make it easy to relapse, which is why relapse prevention plays a central role in your recovery.

Finding the Best Women’s Alcohol Rehab Center Today

Alcoholism can cause serious medical problems and neurological damage. While you may feel trapped, recovery is always possible. Reaching out for help from a women’s alcohol rehab center is the best first step you can make to beat alcoholism. To find out more about the best women’s alcohol rehab center that Los Angeles has to offer, call us today at 866.256.0051.