When young people face significant life challenges like drug or alcohol addiction, a specialized substance abuse program treatment designed for their age group becomes essential. This critical time of life between childhood and adulthood comes with many changes and stress factors. Those lead many into substance abuse and addiction. So when you need recovery from alcohol or drugs in your young adult years, seek that help from a young adult treatment center.

Support and Individualized Treatment

Two young people chatting at young adult drug rehab treatment center Los AngelesA young adult treatment center for addiction provides the support and individualized treatment needed for healthy, lasting recovery. This support and care come from your own multidisciplinary treatment team. You also gain an individualized treatment plan with the right therapies and education to put drugs or alcohol behind you.

Your multidisciplinary treatment team at Authentic Recovery Center includes your own assigned medical doctor for health care needs. With your doctor’s help, you start rebuilding your health after a history of substance abuse, poor nutrition, and physical neglect. So during detox and rehab, you start looking healthier, happier and more fit for your new, improved lifestyle.

Also on your multidisciplinary team at the young adult treatment center in Los Angeles, your assigned psychiatrist helps you gain mental and emotional stability. If you suffer conditions of a dual diagnosis like depression, anxiety or trauma, your psychiatrist prescribes effective medications and therapies including dual diagnosis treatment. You no longer feel you need alcohol or drugs in self-medication and develop a focused, positive outlook.

Your substance abuse counselor becomes one of your closest confidantes and best supporters in rehab. In your young adult treatment center experience, you turn to this person time and again. They provide guidance and that little bit of added encouragement and clear perspective you need to make it to the end of your rehab program and beyond. This person also develops your individualized treatment plan with you, including personal goals.

Detox in Los Angeles

Of course, rehab treatment must start with detox. At Authentic Recovery Center, medically supervised detox keeps you safe, secure and healthy from the start of withdrawal to its end. Detox clears away the toxins of substance abuse from your body and brain. You also quickly start feeling better, mentally clear and ready for rehab treatment.

Authentic Recovery Center’s detox includes individual treatment planning, healthy nutrition, support and safety from the triggers and temptations of home. This means that when you experience uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms, the caring team provides helpful medications, so you feel better. You also enjoy the comforts of home with healthy nutrition and hydration.

In detox, you gain medical assessment and support for your best health. This includes blood and urine screenings, medical history analysis and addiction assessment. You also receive vital signs monitoring during detox, keeping medical problems from becoming more significant emergencies. If you need dual diagnosis help from an anxiety or depression treatment center Los Angeles, you get that help at Authentic Recovery, too.

Rehab in a Los Angeles Young Adult Treatment Center

Young adult drug rehab in Los Angeles provides help for your physical and psychological conditions at the same time. This creates lasting change when you do your part of learning how to stay sober. At Authentic Recovery Center, your young adult drug rehab starts with detox. It also includes 12 step principles with proven therapies.

Authentic Recovery’s young adult treatment center Los Angeles programs and services include:

For your detox and rehab at Authentic Recovery Center’s young adult treatment center Los Angeles, you may be able to use your insurance plan. This includes in-network insurance with Cigna, Anthem, Blue Cross and Aetna. Being able to afford rehab with your insurance gives you greater focus on what counts–gaining and preserving lasting recovery.

Learn more about Authentic Recovery Center’s Los Angeles young adult treatment center programs. Contact Authentic Recovery Center now at 866-256-0051 for insurance verification, answers to your questions and information about starting a new life in sobriety. This one phone conversation with a caring substance abuse counselor opens you to a much better life ahead. Call now.