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Using Acceptance & Commitment Therapy to Combat Addiction

Many people need guidance and empowerment to successfully recover from a substance use disorder and avoid relapse. However, an addiction to…

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What to Expect During Residential Addiction Treatment
September 22, 2021

Getting to a place where you are free from the shackles of addiction can feel like a distant locale located a…

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Codependency in Addiction Recovery

Codependency as a condition was discovered as a result of studying relationships within families where an alcoholic was present. This term…

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All About the Twelve Steps

If you compare the number of people with a drug or alcohol addiction to those struggling with cancer, you will find…

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child abuse
What’s the Connection Between Child Abuse and Substance Use?

It may be a truism to say that all children need a safe, nurturing and stable home to grow up in….

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family and addiction
Family Dynamics & Addiction: Are We Helping?

When it comes to the treatment of a substance use disorder (SUD), the family unit is increasingly being considered as a…

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The Connection Between Insomnia and Addiction

If you’ve ever experienced a sleepless night, the memory of the next morning is probably one that you’d prefer not to…

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Hallucinogens Are Not Fun and Games

As far back as biblical times and maybe even beyond, various cultures have engaged in the use of hallucinogens. They are…

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drinking too much
Could You Be Drinking Too Much, Too Often?

Drinking alcohol has been part of many cultures around the world and dates back thousands of years, maybe even as far…

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