Addiction is a complex condition which affects all areas of life and can result in medical complications or death. In some cases, the physical and emotional impact of addiction is noticeable immediately. At other times the corrosive qualities of active addiction are most evident over a period of time. Enrollment in a qualified drug addiction recovery center can halt the addictive process at any stage of its development. Effective addiction treatment services with Authentic Recovery Center represents a supportive measure that helps individuals or their loved ones successfully arrest and treat all kinds of addictions in a comfortable, healing atmosphere.

Our ARC Los Angeles Addiction Recovery Center Is Built Around The Individual

Therapist listening to client at our addiction recovery centerThis insistence on gauging services according to the needs of the individual goes to the heart ARC’s guiding philosophy. Because addiction reflects the inner workings of the addict’s personality, treatment measures must reflect these differences.  And we strive to honor each person’s unique set of issues.

Each client attends an addiction recovery center that includes a curriculum of individual therapy, addiction education, and relapse prevention. Other programs include substance abuse counseling, 12-step education, experiential groups and outside activities. Additionally, ARC provides relationship counseling and a family therapy program when necessary. Some clients have co-occurring conditions or a dual diagnosis, emotional needs or behavioral issues. A personalized treatment plan to address and meet these individual requirements is drafted. In these instances, the clinical team uses their collective experience to provide therapeutic resources that support resolution of co-occurring issues. Individuals usually enroll in an addiction recovery setting when the negative elements present in their life outweigh the positive elements. This can motivate and fuel a sustainable addiction recovery process.

Does An Addiction Recovery Center Really Work?

The question of whether or not it will work depends both on the quality and methodologies incorporated by the addiction treatment center and the individual undergoing addiction recovery. The key to achieving addiction recovery is in defining individual treatment planning. Also key is utilizing clinical modalities to assist in understanding the underlying issues contributing to the pathology of self-destructive behavior.

Without a broad focus on solving the addiction paradigm individuals in our experience will inevitably relapse. The treatment philosophy at our addiction recovery center is that sustainable addiction recovery requires an addiction treatment process that provides insight into the manifestation of the addictive pathology along with a subsequent therapeutic pathway towards the resolution for the issues that are fueling that pathology. At our addiction recovery center in Los Angeles, we address the emotional pathology that fuels the addictive process. Our philosophy is that without this clinical support to understand and begin resolution for the underlying internal and environmental influences that have contributed to the addictive process, addiction treatment will only delay relapse, not prevent it.

What Does Undergoing Drug Addiction Recovery Accomplish?

Treatment helps individuals become productive, healthy, positive contributors to themselves and to the world around them. More often than not, many people who need treatment actually want to be sober deep down. So, if that’s the case why do traditional drug addiction treatment centers often fail in helping clients achieve this objective? The key to the Authentic Recovery Center’s success in providing effective addiction treatment is our innovative clinical philosophy. Essentially this philosophy is focused on the fact that the best treatment setting will be one where a treatment environment is created in such a way that the individual is not segregated completely from certain aspects of everyday living, but is rather protected specifically from the negative aspects of everyday living that might overwhelm them and cause them to relapse.

Clinical Philosophy at our Addiction Recovery Center

In essence, if an individual feels like they are staying sober and productive in a more true-to-life scenario like those offered in the ARC addiction treatment Los Angeles rehab center they will also experience the positive results that will motivate them to want to continue to stay sober. Due to this more progressive clinical philosophy, they will be less likely to be shell-shocked once they leave the center because they will have practiced applicable tools for staying clean and sober in this more true-to-life daily routine. Authentic Recovery Center offers numerous substance abuse programs with all this in mind and more. ARC provides one of the most effective and individualized addiction treatment centers in the United States. We use clinically advanced, empirically-based methodologies, proven to work.

We design Addiction treatment at ARC to meet the early needs of clients beginning the journey of recovery. The focus of our addiction recovery center treatment philosophy is on the underlying issues that have contributed to the addictive process. Understanding how difficult the recovery road can be, each client’s personalized treatment plan takes into account future considerations for aftercare that meet each clients continuing recovery needs. If you’re ready to start the journey call Authentic Recovery at 866-256-0051.