Depression is a common, yet serious condition causing sorrow for two or more weeks. Presently, the National Institute of Mental Health reports 16.2 million Americans have depression. Hence, the CDC estimates that $210 billion is spent on depression treatment yearly. Notably, there’s an obvious link between depression and alcohol use. In fact, statistics show 30 to 50 percent of people with clinical depression drink heavily. Indeed, those feeling sad frequently turn to alcohol for relaxing comfort. However, the opposite is also true. At times, binge drinking changes brain chemistry and causes depression to set in. A stint at an alcohol detox center may open your eyes to the connection. Let’s look at the science of how alcohol and depression negatively impact lives.

Ways Alcohol and Depression Harm the Body

Woman in chair with glass of wine worried about alcohol and depressionFirst, alcohol is classified as a depressant just like tranquilizers. In other words, drinking makes the central nervous system slow down. Thereupon, people begin feeling calm and sleepy. Chiefly, higher blood alcohol content decreases activity in several brain parts like the cerebellum. Additionally, alcohol disrupts the prefrontal cortex, causing distorted thinking.

Given that, heavy drinkers may begin feeling hopeless. Conversely, people with depression resort to drinking or drugs for pleasure. The initial happy feelings from a dopamine increase wear off quickly. After all, alcohol binds to GABA receptors in the brain and sedates the body. Long-term alcohol use re-wires how the mind functions and results in depression.

Signs You Need Treatment for Depression and Alcohol Abuse

Luckily, dual diagnosis treatment at Authentic Recovery Center is available to treat alcohol and depression together. Yet, the biggest obstacle is admitting you have a problem. Of course, both disorders alter your thoughts and make you blind to what’s happening. Therefore, you or your loved ones need to watch for red flags. For example, you persistently feel sad and useless. Not even hobbies you once enjoyed excite you. Instead, you push people away and pull bottles closer. You don’t have enough energy to attend work or school so you stay in bed. You sleep longer than eight hours and gain weight without proper exercise. Due to alcohol, you make poor financial decisions and take unnecessary risks. Perhaps, your anger and lack of confidence make you contemplate suicide. If any of the above is true, seek help now.

Get Dual Diagnosis Treatment at Authentic Recovery Center

Being diagnosed with depression and alcohol use disorder doesn’t have to be the end of the world. Instead, make it the beginning of a new life by going to Authentic Recovery Center. Uniquely, our California rehab is accredited by The Joint Commission for dual diagnosis therapy. We’re the alcohol and depression treatment center Los Angeles residents trust to improve their mood and address addiction. Our trained clinicians use evidence-based treatment to address the roots of both conditions. Equally important, we’re covered under most insurance plans like Anthem and Aetna. For 11 years, we’ve developed a full-service menu of treatments, such as:

Does your life feel bleak and empty? Trust in Authentic Recovery Center to mend your despair. Namely, our residential program will treat your alcohol and depression problems together. Call us today at 866-256-0051 to begin your uplifting journey to happiness.