The decision to seek treatment for your addiction is the most critical decision you will ever make. It’s a decision that you should not take lightly. You should view treatment as a combination of detox and therapy. We will assume you want the best treatment possible. That means you should focus on the best California detox centers and rehabs. Even if you don’t live in the state, using a facility like Authentic Recovery Center should be high on your list.

Services Provided By California Detox Centers

The best California detox centers have group therapy programsAuthentic Recovery Center is undoubtedly one of the best California Detox Centers. Like other top California detox centers, we offer a wide range of detox programs. We gear our programs toward specific addictions and for specific groups of people. The goal of detox is to help patients get past their withdrawal symptoms and drug cravings. This allows them to focus on our addiction therapy services and recovery without interference.

In our case, we prefer not to be overly-reliant on using drugs like Suboxone to fix drug problems. If the patient can get through withdrawal naturally, all the better. However, we do offer a medically-monitored program where our doctors might prescribe specific prescription medications. They will usually do this to help patients who are experiencing significant pain and discomfort.

How to Find the Best California Detox Centers

Since you want the best treatment possible, you probably need to know how to find the best California detox centers. First and foremost, reputation is significant. If you get multiple recommendations from doctors and friends on one particular treatment facility, it warrants consideration. We are very proud of our reputation among peers and former patients.

Otherwise, you can check online. After looking at the web content for a few California detox centers, you’ll see stark differences in each facility. You should always give preference to a full-service treatment center like ours. The continuity of treatment one gets from a full-service facility is invaluable. Rehab reviews may also be invaluable.

Getting Treatment at Authentic Recovery Center

We pride ourselves on our ability to offer a full range of addiction treatment services. Our goal is to turn patients into happy, recovering people. Much of our treatment revolves around the 12-Steps and total abstinence. That means we like to avoid releasing patients who are using any medication related to addiction or recovery. Our facility:

Before you completely surrender to your addiction, we ask that you allow Authentic Recovery Center to do what we do best. That is to help addicts find the road to a successful recovery. With a simple phone call to 866-256-0051, you can get access to one of the best California detox centers and residential rehab facilities.