When detoxing from cocaine, you may experience a wide range of cocaine withdrawal symptoms. As such, getting off the drug does present some challenges. Withdrawal symptoms range from mild to severe. Long-term use of cocaine may result in severe side effects that require medical attention or supervision.

Detox centers offer comprehensive care for detox that includes medication, full facilities, and supervision from licensed professionals. By going through a detox program, you are more likely to get through this first stage of recovery successfully. Without professional care, you may relapse.

What Are the Cocaine Withdrawal Symptoms?

Addiction is a psychological disease. Long-term cocaine use can chemically alter your brain so that you form a dependency on cocaine. The chemical changes happen over a period and cause you to have severe cravings to the drug. This is why your body reacts when you stop taking it.  

Some of the most common cocaine withdrawal symptoms include: 

  • Difficulty concentrating or feelings of confusion
  • Fatigue or long periods of sleep
  • Restlessness, depression, or anxiety
  • Hallucinations
  • Chills, tremors, aching, or nerve pain
  • Increased appetite

Other symptoms may include stomach pain or nausea, extreme sweating, or a restless feeling. Keep in mind that most of these symptoms will go away after a day or two. Most symptoms are short-lived. This allows you to get through detox quickly and start your treatment plan. 

What Causes Your Cocaine Withdrawal Symptoms?

There are several factors that can cause your cocaine withdrawal symptoms. The most important factor is how long you have been using cocaine. If you have been using it for several months or years, then it may take your body a little longer to get through the symptoms. 

If you combine cocaine with heavy alcohol use or drugs, then you may experience additional withdrawal symptoms. Another factor is quitting cold turkey. This can ‘jar your system’ and cause all your symptoms to occur at once.

The main reason that you are experiencing symptoms is that your body is trying to adjust to life without cocaine.

What Happens After Detox?

Once you complete your initial detox, there are several treatment programs available to help you overcome your addiction. Clients that complete a treatment program have a far greater chance of sustained recovery than clients who just go through detox and then walk away.

A therapist can meet with you after your detox to discuss your addiction and then go over your options for treatment. Some of the options may include:

  • Residential, inpatient, or outpatient services
  • 12-step recovery program with group support
  • Dual diagnosis treatment program
  • Holistic therapy programs
  • Cognitive behavior therapy
  • Trauma therapy

Are Your Ready to Take the First Step to Recovery?

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