The Authentic Recovery Center Does Not Offer Free Treatment

However, you may be in luck! With some of the recent changes to insurance, drug and alcohol treatment is easier to approve. Thus, coverage by most PPO insurance plans is possible. You no longer have to seek out free drug rehab centers in Los Angeles. Fill out our free insurance verification form to find out if you are covered!

If the person is physically or psychologically dependent on alcohol, drugs, or prescription medications, then residential treatment is necessary. Not every person requires the full spectrum of treatment offered at Authentic Recovery Center. Often, the individual won’t require that type of long-term support, which may take upwards of 4-6 months to complete continuing care. In this circumstance, you’re seeking a singular treatment episode, such as completion of a 30-day rehab. This short and singular approach is not always ill-advised and can actually be a very effective form of residential treatment. If the person has completed any form of outpatient rehab in the past and has been unable to maintain recovery, then residential treatment is the next step to take.

Free Drug Rehab Centers in Los Angeles Vs. Insurance Covered Rehab

Choosing from the many drug rehabs, alcohol rehabilitation programs, and dual diagnosis treatment centers in Los Angeles can seem a very difficult task. If you would like to speak with a counselor to learn more about your options for care, contact us. All calls are completely confidential and totally free. When you search online for rehab, most programs you’ll find are just advertisements for overpriced centers for the ultra-elite. Even for seasoned professionals, it can get pretty confusing.

Finding a Rehab that Works For You

When searching for free drug rehabs, alcohol treatments, or dual diagnosis programs in Los Angeles, there are some important tips everyone should know in order to make the right decision. Keep in mind that there is a reason they are free, many of them offer a great service, but if you have health insurance, it may cover rehab. The level of care you will get at a free program vs. a paid or insurance covered rehab is immeasurable simply by design. For example, many state-run free treatment programs cant afford to offer a medically managed detox and require a cold turkey detox, which can be very painful. In certain situations, medical insurance may cover some or all of the costs of addiction treatment. Most PPO insurance plans offer coverage and benefits that include both behavioral and mental health services.

Ask the right questions. If you look above, you’ll see a link titled FAQ. Feel free to visit that to find a list of questions that are commonly asked before entering drug and alcohol treatment. Not knowing what questions to ask a treatment center in Los Angeles is normal and completely understandable. But take the time to learn which questions you should ask. If you take 15-30 minutes, you could save yourself thousands of dollars, and you will be able to choose the program that IS right, not just that sounds right.

Beware programs that promise results. Beware the cure, the guarantee, and any program that quotes a success rate. Really, this part is borderline criminal, but a lot of Los Angeles drug rehabs practice it. Despite what you want to believe, or what you wish to believe – no program can guarantee results. As soon as you see that, or hear that from a Los Angeles treatment center, walk away.

Find A Comprehensive Drug Rehab in Los Angeles

Don’t be afraid to ask for help finding a program. In some senses, choosing a drug or alcohol rehab facility is very difficult. There is no precise way to determine an appropriate length of stay in residential treatment prior to a formal assessment. However, for those that know the field, the landscape, and the approaches offered in Los Angeles treatment centers, the process of making the right decision is simple. That’s what Authentic Recovery Center is – a network of professionals who volunteer time to help people get the most effective treatment for their money in programs that can support individually specific issues. Don’t try and do this all alone. Contact us today to speak with a certified counselor and learn more about the ARC and how we can help you or a loved one.

Free Drug Rehab Resources

There are multiple free drug rehab centers in Los Angeles, California. Although many people seeking a free drug rehab or alcohol treatment center think that without financial resources there are no options, there are many free treatment programs that are low-cost, sponsored by donations, or that receive federal, county, or state funding. To learn more about how to locate these low-cost, county-funded, and free drug rehab options, visit Free Treatment Los Angeles.

Of course, free drug rehab centers in Los Angeles are just one option. Authentic Recovery Center offers comprehensive treatment you can trust. To learn more, call [Direct] today.