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Family Program

The family program offered by ARC is designed to serve as a starting point for family members and loved ones to begin the process of resolution for issues that have developed in their own lives as a result of addiction. The family program is facilitated by a multi-disciplinary clinical team of experienced, licensed professionals and is conducted with a heightened sensitivity to the differing circumstances and historical experiences of each family member participating. Family members can be assured that family services are provided in a dignified, comforting fashion with the sole intention of ARC being to begin the process of personal resolution for those affected by addiction. The family programs primary function is to serve as a stepping stone towards the healing of inter-personal relationships.

The family program is offered at no additional cost to family members.

The family program helps to impart understanding, acceptance and forgiveness for clients and their loved ones. The program is typically extended to family members and loved ones throughout the course of Residential Treatment, Continuing Care and Intensive Outpatient and beyond. For clients in Residential Treatment, family sessions can begin once the client has medically detoxed and fully immersed in a clinical program of support prior to engaging in the opportunity to heal their family relationships. When clients are participating in Continuing Care and/or Extended Care the similar participation parameters apply. During Continuing Care and IOP family members are encouraged to participate during various weeks of each client’s treatment stay as determined by the treatment team.

The program curriculum also supports loved ones to:

  • Improve self-care techniques
  • Improve family communication skills
  • Help institute healthy family boundaries
  • Understand and reshape unhealthy family roles
  • Help family members learn how to support their loved one

Feelings Commonly Brought Up During Family Program

Often, during active addiction, loved ones experience a variety of feelings and emotions in relationship to the different stages of the addictive process.

Some of these can include:

  • Denial that a problem with substance abuse exists for their loved one.
  • A sense of powerlessness over the outcome of the addictive process.
  • Feelings of frustration and/or anger resulting from the addiction and correlating behaviors.
  • Feelings of concern for the health and well-being of the afflicted.
  • A sense of obligation and loyalty to the afflicted; often combined with a growing sense of desperation for “what might happen” if the addiction continues.
  • Feelings of disappointment and/or discouragement in their loved one.
  • A sense of personal responsibility that somehow they did something to make the addiction come to fruition.

How to Help a Loved One Enroll in a Drug Treatment Center

ARC has a variety of clinical resources available for support during times of family crisis derived from drug addiction, substance abuse or co-occurring conditions. It is not necessary for clients to enroll with ARC for loved ones to receive answers to questions they have about what they can do to help during a family crisis.

For crisis support call 877 415 HOPE today. Our credentialed staff will conduct a free evaluation or answer any questions you might have.

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