Authentic Recovery Center is proud to announce that all levels of care are now covered in-network with Anthem, Blue Cross, Aetna and Cigna insurance policies. This includes rehab insurance with HMO’s, PPO’s and EPO’s. It is now easier than ever to get the treatment that you or a loved one deserve.

Most major insurance providers and private health care policies offer either partial or full coverage for substance abuse programs and treatment. The American Medical Association Alcoholism, or AMA, first recognized alcoholism and addiction as diseases in 1956. In 1991 the AMA further classified alcoholism and addiction as both a medical and psychiatric illness. No matter how long you may have battled drug and alcohol addiction, there is help available. The AMA’s classification of alcoholism and addiction was a huge step for insurance coverage in the recovery world.

How to Find Out if You Have Rehab Insurance Coverage

Authentic Recovery Center accepts most insurance plans. If you would like us to verify your coverage, eligibility, and benefits information for behavioral and mental health treatment services please fill out the form below. Once complete, an admissions counselor will contact you with an explanation of the benefits available on your specific insurance plan.

You do not have to let addiction ruin your life. Your insurance provider could pay in-network benefits for detox and rehab services.   Authentic Recovery Center has an in-network partnership with the following insurance providers:

  • Aetna
  • Anthem
  • Blue Cross
  • Cigna

Let us help you determine your benefits. Insurance benefits can be verified Monday through Friday during normal business hours. If you provide your insurance information after 5 PM PST you will be contacted the following day. To learn more about ARC and Anthem Blue Cross, Aetna and Cigna in-network coverage that we offer, call 866-256-0051 or please fill out our medical insurance verification form.


Please note that we do not work with the following healthcare insurance plans:  Medi-Cal, Medicare, and Medicaid


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