Most people who suffer from substance use disorders don’t get the treatment that they need. Instead, many of them believe that they don’t have the financial means to pay for it. However, those who have insurance through Anthem Inc. receive coverage for substance use treatment. Because of that, Anthem drug rehab is more affordable for them.

Does Anthem Insurance Cover Rehab?

Established as a health insurance company in the 1940s, Anthem previously went by the name WellPoint Inc. As one of the largest managed health care companies in the country, it primarily offers BlueCross and BlueShield insurance policies.

Anthem provides coverage for behavioral and mental health disorders, including substance use disorder. In fact, the law requires all insurance companies to provide essential health benefits. Drug abuse and addiction treatments are some of these benefits. Also, the coverage must be in line with what they offer for primary services.

What’s the Coverage for Anthem Drug Rehab?

Anthem coverage for substance use treatment is an integral part of its health care benefits. The company offers access to specialists, including therapists at quality rehab centers. It contracts both free-standing hospitals and acute-care facilities.

However, the specific Anthem drug rehab coverage that people receive depends on their particular policies. Mainly, there are four plan levels, which include:

  • The bronze level has the lowest monthly premium and covers about 60% of health care costs.
  • The silver level costs more per month but covers about 70% of the expenses.
  • The gold level costs even more but covers about 80% of costs.
  • The platinum level has the highest premium but covers about 90% of expenses.

Despite this, the level of coverage varies from policy to policy. In general, Anthem drug rehab coverage includes benefits for withdrawal and rehab services. Usually, these include medical detox and traditional therapies. In some cases, the coverage includes alternative treatments, such as experiential therapy.

Also, the amount of coverage that people get depends on the “medical necessity” of the treatment. This term describes treatment that’s necessary for the patient to function. It also describes treatment that will reduce future costs compared to if the patient doesn’t receive the treatment. Anthem bases its decision on information that it receives from referring physicians.

In addition, the coverage amount depends on the length of rehab, the type of substance and patient treatment history. Dual diagnosis is another factor that the insurer takes into consideration for Anthem drug rehab.

Fortunately, people don’t have to determine their specific coverage alone. The can get medical insurance verification from the rehab center that they choose.

Why Is Seeking Quality Drug Rehab Important?

a man at an intervention agreeing to go to anthem drug rehab

It’s essential for people to seek substance use disorder treatment from a quality drug rehab center. The reason is that it will provide the customized care that they need. As a matter of fact, research shows that not everyone benefits from the same approach to recovery. Instead, they need tailored services that address the unique challenges that they face.

Furthermore, a quality Anthem drug rehab facility will combine evidence-based and holistic treatments. This whole-person approach supports people on physical, mental and emotional levels. As a result, it provides comprehensive care.

Choose Authentic Recovery Center for Your Treatment

Are you looking for Anthem drug rehab in Los Angeles? Authentic Recovery Center can provide the treatment that you need. In fact, we’re an in-network provider with Anthem.

Our addiction treatment center uses a full-service residential program with 12-step recovery. As part of our medical detox program, you’ll receive primary care and dual diagnosis treatment if necessary. We want to ensure that you maintain your recovery too. For that reason, we offer intensive outpatient, continuing care and aftercare services.

During your treatment at Authentic Recovery Center, you’ll participate in a variety of therapies. Some of these may include:

Don’t let concerns about paying for rehab keep you from seeking addiction help. Learn more about your Anthem drug rehab options at Authentic Recovery Center. Dial 866.256.0051 to take the first step toward recovery.