When you need help for recovery from drug or alcohol addiction, you can find that help through your Cigna drug rehab coverage. Many people with Cigna health insurance policies find this coverage surprising. They even wonder if there is a “catch” to seeking addiction treatment with insurance. But thanks to today’s evolving medical landscape and recent law changes, you can get the treatment you need under your policy without suffering any negative effects.

Addiction Treatment Is Covered Because Addiction Is a Disease

Happy woman enjoying her life thanks to Cigna drug rehab coverage

In recent years, the American Medical Association recognized addiction as a legitimate disease. By doing so, the AMA made it possible for people to receive treatment from licensed addiction treatment programs using their health insurance policies. So as with heart disease, asthma or diabetes, you receive diagnosis and treatment from your Cigna drug rehab coverage.

In the past, this was not possible. People with an addiction diagnosis had to pay for their treatment out of pocket. They even risked losing their insurance policy or not getting one to start with if the insurance company found out they suffered a substance use disorder.

Today, you cannot lose your policy coverage by being honest about your healthcare needs. If you suffer addiction and need treatment, an insurance company cannot deny you coverage through a new policy, either. So if you do not have insurance, you should try obtaining some. Cigna drug rehab coverage can help you pay for your treatment just as it would for other medical conditions.

Insurance companies like Cigna remain more profitable with healthy policyholders. So this company prefers you get the treatment you need, rather than staying stuck in your addiction. People with addictions go to the emergency room more often, when compared to people without substance use disorder. They also suffer more communicable diseases and long-term health problems.

Privacy in Using Your Cigna Drug Rehab Coverage

Another fear from the past was that of privacy during rehab treatment. Today, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) fully protects your privacy as a patient. This law passed in 1996 to safeguard your medical information and keep insurance companies and medical care providers accountable for that confidentiality.

What does this mean for you? Under HIPAA, you can use your Cigna drug rehab coverage group policy without your employer knowing about your medical diagnosis. It is up to you to decide if you want your supervisor, employer or human resources department to know why you seek treatment.

This privacy makes it easier to get the help you need and get back to a productive life, without losing the job you already have. If you do not currently have a job, your future employer will not know about your condition, either. Nor will anyone else you do not tell about your rehab experience.

Further, you can use personal leave and medical leave benefits along with your group health insurance policy. So if you have personal vacation time accrued at work, you can continue getting paid for your employment while starting treatment. Medical leave also helps you keep your job, even when you need treatment for a lengthy period of time. To take advantage of these leave benefits, you do not have to reveal your medical condition to your employer.

Which Treatment Centers Accept Cigna insurance?

Authentic Recovery in West Los Angeles accepts Cigna, Anthem, and Aetna as an in-network provider of addiction treatment. This means your health insurance goes a long way to helping you recover and rebuild your life.
Programs and therapies of Authentic Recovery covered by your insurance policy include:

Having your Cigna drug rehab coverage gives you an advantage in seeking rehab treatment. So use that policy to gain the healthy recovery you need, for the life you truly want. Call Authentic Recovery in West Los Angeles now at 855-568-7132 to learn more about your Cigna benefits for treatment and how they help you pay for detox and rehab.