People have several options when comes to paying for addiction treatment. One of the most helpful methods is in network insurance providers. However, those who are new to using insurance might find it confusing. With the below details, you can begin your search for treatment with confidence.

About In Network Insurance

Medical staff talking to client about in network insurance providersAn insurance policy is a contract between a consumer and an insurance provider. People pay a monthly fee to insurers in exchange for help paying for medical services. Each policy pays for part or all of specific treatments. When it covers part of the cost, the policyholder is responsible for the co-pay or coinsurance.

Insurers also break down these costs into in network insurance and out-of-network insurance services. In network insurance applies to health care providers with whom the insurers have made agreements. When it comes to addiction treatment centers, for instance, they have contracts with insurers for prearranged care costs. When people with those policies visit those centers, they get treatment for discounted rates.

On the other hand, out-of-network health care providers don’t have agreements with insurers. When people visit them for treatment, they pay more than if they had gone to┬áin network insurance providers.

Covered Addiction Treatment Services

Medical experts and the government classify addiction and mental health problems as chronic disorders. That makes them similar to health issues such as diabetes that have no cure and require ongoing management. Because of that, insurance companies must provide coverage for related services. However, which treatments are part of this coverage?

One of the first services that in network insurance providers cover is the initial professional assessment. People might have to pay a co-pay or coinsurance, but most policies cover the entire cost. Getting an official addiction diagnosis makes a big difference in how much people will have to pay for treatment. It acts as proof that they need a certain level of care.

In network insurance providers usually cover various medical detox services except rapid and ultra-rapid detox. In most cases, they pay for outpatient care and part of inpatient care as well. However, the amount they pay dramatically depends on the individual policy.

In general, insurance covers what health care providers deem necessary to diagnose and treat the disease or its symptoms. These services must also meet the required standard of care. For instance, it may pay for a bed for residential treatment, but it won’t pay for a private room. The private room isn’t medically necessary for the addiction treatment.

Determining Specific Insurance Benefits

The specific services that in network insurance providers cover can vary greatly. How much that they pay for each service varies as well. For that reason, people need to know their policy benefits before they enroll in an addiction rehab program.

First, they can check the documents that explain their insurance benefits. These go into detail about each type of service and the coverage amounts.

It’s normal, though, for people to find these documents and their wording confusing. In that case, they can call their in-network insurance companies for assistance. They should ask about the covered levels of care, deductibles, and co-pays, criteria for treatment and out-of-pocket maximum expenses. The representatives can even help them find treatment centers that are in their networks.

People who need treatment can also ask rehab center admissions departments for help. Although it seems out of order to find a facility first, sometimes doctors recommend a couple of places for treatment. Then, people can talk to the facilities’ staff to verify the in network insurance and benefits.

Accepted Insurance Policies at Authentic Recovery Center

Are you looking for an addiction treatment center that’s in your insurance network? Authentic Recovery Center can help you verify your coverage before you enroll. We accept policies from Aetna, Anthem, Blue Cross and Cigna for all levels of care. Our facility uses a 12-step-based approach to treatment with a range of programs, including:

Also, Authentic Recovery Center uses a variety of therapies throughout treatment. Some examples include anxiety therapy, drug counseling, grief therapy and trauma therapy. We also have a substance abuse aftercare program. We assign a case manager and therapist to help you achieve your recovery goals and resolve underlying problems.

Don’t let the thought of rehab insurance coverage keep you from getting help. Learn more about your in network insurance coverage so that you can plan for treatment. Call Authentic Recovery Center at 866-256-0051 for assistance.