Kicking an addiction is not easy. You have good and bad days. The process is long and complex. There are many steps you need to take to get to the finish line. And sometimes that means stumbling. It is not always easy to get back up. However, you do not have to go through this process alone. At Authentic Recovery Center, you can find the help you need through our substance abuse programs Los Angeles.

Our Treatment Goals

Two woman chatting about substance abuse programs Los AngelesAt ARC, we offer support to our clients from their first call through to our substance abuse aftercare program. Because addiction often worsens other conditions, we diagnose the addiction and any other psychological conditions. A team of specialists, including a primary doctor, a psychiatrist and a substance abuse counselor, work with our clients in our substance abuse programs.

The treatment process begins with a phone conversation. During this call, our staff records important client information. From the start, we at ARC learn about our clients’ conditions. We make sure that any medical treatment continues as the client goes through our substance abuse programs Los Angeles. For example, if the client is taking medications, we make sure they continue following their doctor’s orders. Clients complete an evaluation, and usually, a Los Angeles medical detox program follows. After detox, our clients enter one of our inpatient residences for substance abuse programs Los Angeles and receive treatment. A doctor supervises their care. Different treatment options are used during this part of the process. Our clients continue therapy through outpatient services. Finally, we offer aftercare, to help our clients deal with real-life situations.

Our Substance Abuse Treatment Programs include:

Our Substance Abuse Programs

The client receives support from the moment they call our center. This support continues during their stay at our Los Angeles residential treatment center and beyond. Our programs use a variety of tools and options. Each client’s treatment is unique because each client comes with different experiences.

Our programs include:

Our Residential Programs

Our residential programs offer many treatment options. The primary goal is for our clients to find new enthusiasm for life. Our substance abuse programs focus on guiding clients towards a change in the way they see their life. We deliver our services through therapy and outdoor activities. Our substance abuse programs Los Angeles are designed to meet the individual needs of each client. Our team works together to offer treatment options in a compassionate and warm environment. These options include:

For those seeking substance abuse programs, Los Angeles is a great location, offering a supportive community of many people who have dealt with and overcome similar problems. Our clients can find support groups and a way to get involved with the sober community. There are many graduates from ARC in the area, who can also help our clients.

Our Outpatient and Aftercare Substance Abuse Programs Los Angeles

The road to recovery does not end with graduation. Our clients face new challenges when they return to their normal daily activities. They have to learn to adapt without the use of drugs or alcohol. With these programs, clients continue receiving needed treatment. The flexible options available include individual and group therapy. They also include random drug testing, support group meetings and even career and educational counseling. At ARC, we want the client to rejoin everyday life successfully.

Addiction is not the end of the road. With quality help from the substance abuse programs at ARC, you can recover. Contact Authentic Recovery Center at 866-256-0051 to begin your journey towards recovery.