Dealing with alcoholism is a challenging and sometimes overwhelming process. Trying to achieve sobriety on your own is hard, but professional support and care make it much more palatable. Alcohol addiction treatment at Authentic Recovery Center is designed to walk clients through each step of recovery. Explore our alcohol addiction treatment center Los Angeles to see what you can expect as you begin your journey to recovery.

Starting With a Medically Managed Detox

Group sessions are part of an alcohol addiction treatment center Los Angles therapiesThe very first step in the process of overcoming alcoholism is admitting that there is a problem. Once that is out in the open, it is time to break the chemical bonds that lead to alcoholism in the first place. For that to happen, clients need to complete an alcohol detox.

Not every alcohol addiction treatment center Los Angeles offers can provide a complete detox program for clients. At Authentic Recovery Center, however, a medically managed detox program is the start of it all.

Detox means abstaining from all alcohol consumption and going into a brief period of withdrawal. While this process can include some unpleasant side effects and withdrawal symptoms, it can set up clients for lasting sobriety. Nonetheless, it is vital to have medical monitoring and supervision 24 hours a day. This ensures the health, safety, and comfort throughout withdrawal.

Treatment Choice Can Be a 12 Step Program

One of the oldest and most effective ways to fight alcoholism is through the 12 step program. This program encourages participants to take personal responsibility for their actions and to continue the process of recovery for a lifetime.

As the name suggests, the 12 step program involves 12 key steps. Clients can start these steps while in rehab, but they can complete them later on with the help of a local recovery group. It can take months or even years to successfully work through all 12 steps, but it can be a vital part of the recovery process. After rehab, clients can continue to meet with local groups that follow the 12 step program.

Creating a Strong System of Support

Alcohol addiction treatment can sometimes be insular, but that can be a mistake. After all, clients won’t be living in bubble-like environments forever. Instead, they will leave their alcohol addiction treatment facility and head back into the real world. When they do, it is essential to have a support system set up.

That often starts with family. Family members can offer unconditional support and love, and they can also be the first to spot the signs of a potential relapse. Caring family members make the ideal support system, so having family therapy available is a smart place to start.

As you’re searching for the best alcohol addiction treatment center Los Angeles can offer, be sure to look for family therapy options. Including family in alcohol addiction treatment means that they will be better equipped to help clients long after rehab has ended.

Aftercare Options and Planning to Succeed

One of the biggest reasons that relapse occurs is that clients don’t prepare for life after rehab. That is why alcohol addiction treatment should always include some form of aftercare. By planning ahead, clients will be ready to take on the challenges of independent living without turning back to alcohol abuse.

That means helping people find community resources for their recovery, and it also means ensuring that everyone has accommodation and career options planned out. It might mean organizing financial plans for the future, or it could include learning how to budget and shop for healthy meals.

Alcohol Addiction Treatment at Authentic Recovery Center

Authentic Recovery Center is the ideal alcohol addiction treatment center Los Angeles has to offer. Clients can arrive and begin a dedicated and medically supported detox, and then they can transition to a supportive and welcoming rehab environment. All clients can expect access to the following while at Authentic Recovery Center:

Alcohol addiction treatment is a necessity for anyone who is serious about their sobriety. At Authentic Recovery Center in West Los Angeles, California, you can fight back against alcoholism once and for all. If you’re ready to take the next step, contact Authentic Recovery Center today at 866-256-0051.