For the most part, benzodiazepines (benzos) play an essential role in the treatment of certain psychological and emotional disorders. Doctors generally prescribe benzos for the treatment of conditions such as anxiety, insomnia, alcohol withdrawal, and seizures. It’s fair to say these drugs are very effective at what they do. Still, they have an addictive quality that causes problems if people abuse them. For that reason, we provide some vital information about benzo addiction treatment.

What Does Benzo Addiction Look Like?

Education group at benzo addiction treatment center Los AngelesBefore discussing benzo addiction treatment, we provide some information about benzo addiction in general. Can a depression treatment center like ARC help with emotional and addiction issues?

There are two types of people who abuse benzodiazepines. The first group are the patients who have a legitimate prescription but take their drugs in ways their doctor never intended. They take higher doses that their doctor prescribed or use them longer. The second group is the people who purchase their drugs on the street for recreational use. In both cases, addiction becomes a genuine possibility if things get out of hand.

For the people who may not know much about benzo addiction, here are some signs of addiction:

  • Difficulties with motor control and coordination
  • Sexual dysfunction
  • Inability to cope with responsibilities
  • Muscle weakness
  • Problems heart-rate and blood pressure
  • Increasing dosage to get the euphoric effect
  • Drastic changes in eating and sleeping habits

To be sure, there are many more signs that the user could be headed for trouble.

About Benzo Addiction Treatment

Benzo addiction treatment starts in earnest when the person using is ready to admit there’s a problem and seek help. When that time comes, the best place to get help is at a top and convenient addiction treatment center. For example, people in Southern California might want to look for drug addiction treatment Los Angeles.

Regardless of where treatment takes place, the formula for success is similar. In an active benzo addiction treatment center Los Angeles like Authentic Recovery Center, the process starts with detox if necessary. It’s usually required if the patient’s addiction is substantial, exposing the patient to potentially dangerous withdrawal symptoms. In a medically-monitored detox, the patient goes through the detox process under the care of a physician. If the patient shows distress, the doctor can step in with certain medications to mediate the problem.

After detox, the heart of benzo addiction treatment starts with rehab therapy. At this point, the patient and their counselor will focus on finding the causes of the addiction. If successful, it becomes easier for the patient to start working on better coping skills that target specific triggers and temptations.

After getting through the complete treatment process, rehab staff will usually make sure patients have access to substance abuse aftercare programs. These types of programs include sober living homes and 12-Step meetings.

Authentic Recovery Center – A Top Benzo Addiction Treatment Center Los Angeles

At our West Los Angeles facilities, Authentic Recovery Center offers custom treatment options for incoming patients. We build our programs around the 12-Steps of Recovery. We also provide these services:

Here are some other interesting facts about our treatment center:

  • Accept in-network insurance with Cigna, Anthem, Blue Cross, and Aetna for any of our services
  • Assign each patient a team including a specific medical doctor, a licensed psychiatrist, and a substance abuse counselor
  • Strongly prefer not to release any patient still using any kind of medication, so we do not subscribe to long-term suboxone use

If you live in or around Los Angeles and need benzo addiction treatment, you have some great options. One such option would be our benzo addiction treatment center Los Angeles. At Authentic Recovery Center, we strive to provide the best care possible. We can also perform a medical insurance verification so you know exactly what your cost will be.  It’s the best chance you will get to find lasting recovery. For more information, contact Authentic Recovery Center at 866-256-0051. This one phone call could give you the great future you deserve.