Because of the high risk of dependency, most doctors prescribe fentanyl for advanced cancer pain and similar conditions. Even so, Authentic Recovery Center experts routinely work with healthy people who need fentanyl addiction treatment. Some began as recreational users while others slipped into addiction after getting the drug from a doctor. Here’s how the fentanyl addiction treatment center Los Angeles trusts can help you today.

Two Types of Fentanyl Addictions

Group therapy session at the best fentanyl addiction treatment center Los Angeles offers

Fentanyl addiction treatment professionals work with two types of users. There are those who started using the drug under a doctor’s supervision. Because they had already developed a tolerance to other opioids, it was the next drug of choice. After a while, their bodies needed more of the substance to provide pain relief.

As the dosing went up, the risk of developing withdrawal symptoms also increased. Some long-time users now want to quit and enlist the assistance of Authentic Recovery Center to do so. Because of our successful opioid addiction treatment center, program participants engage our aid with fentanyl, too.

The second type of fentanyl addiction treatment involves individuals who receive their drugs from underground manufacturers. Some are former patients whose doctors no longer supply the medications to them. Other individuals are recreational users with no medical need. For some, fentanyl addiction became a problem when they received tainted heroin that contained it.

The Danger of a Fentanyl Habit

Fentanyl is at least 50-percent more potent than morphine. Depending on the drug’s purity, maybe more so. Not surprisingly, it’s easy to overdose. Similarly, it’s possible to suffer from near-fatal side effects.

There’s a fine line between reaching a euphoric high and overdoing it. At first, it seems to work okay. Suddenly, you feel exhausted and pass out. By then it’s too late to call for help.

Breathing irregularities and even a breathing stoppage lead to coma and death. That’s why it’s crucial to quit the habit now. Before you up the dose again, contact the fentanyl addiction treatment center Los Angeles trusts.

How Fentanyl Addiction Treatment Works

The first step is detoxification. Opioids are notoriously difficult to quit, and fentanyl’s no exception. Medical supervision of the process ensures your safety. Most importantly, it protects you from significant discomfort.

Although you’ve already struggled with the withdrawal symptoms, there’s no reason why detox should be painful. Medication-assisted treatment ensures your safety and comfort. Similarly, it gives you a way of managing cravings at this early stage. Once you break the physiological addiction, you move to rehab.

At the Authentic Recovery Center, you undergo medical and clinical care with the same group of experts. Doing so ensures a smooth transition. Besides that, it prevents early relapse. Rehab programs include:

  • Family therapy, which assists loved ones with avoiding enabler roles and instead becoming supporters of sobriety
  • Group therapy that focuses your social skills on interacting with peers, learning from them, and being accountable
  • One-on-one talk therapy that encourages goal-setting, life skills training, and coping skills development
  • Dual diagnosis assessment (and treatment) of underlying mental health conditions
  • 12 Step program participation, which assists with relapse prevention

From Residential to Outpatient Care

Initially, fentanyl addiction treatment is a residential process. It provides you with the maximum level of support. Most importantly, it protects you from medical emergencies and uncontrollable cravings. During rehab, you learn why you abuse the drug.

Next, you find new ways of coping with the stress and triggers that resulted in substance abuse. Finally, there’s program graduation. However, this isn’t the end of recovery. Many program participants choose to step down to an intensive outpatient program.

It keeps them in close contact with therapists. Similarly, it helps to shift the focus from intensive treatment to personal productivity. Now’s the time to find work, return to school, and reintegrate into society. Outpatient treatment helps.

Get the Help You Need to Get Off the Drug Today

Authentic Recovery Center therapists offer excellent fentanyl addiction treatment. They support you and provide guidance. To help you pay for rehab, the fentanyl addiction treatment center Los Angeles talks about works with numerous insurers. Call 866-256-0051 today for insurance verification and to start the process of recovery.