As a chronic disease, heroin addiction wreaks havoc on the body and mind. It ruins relationships, careers and other aspects of people’s lives too. Only thorough heroin addiction treatment can help them overcome and manage the disease. It also gives them the chance to have healthier, happier lives.

Heroin Addiction Treatment Los Angeles

There isn’t just one approach to treating heroin addiction. Even when two people have an addiction and similar experiences, their bodies and minds react differently. Because of that, their treatments have to address their specific needs. In most cases, the treatment process still follows a general guideline.

Detox and Withdrawal

After people complete the assessment process at a heroin addiction treatment center, they begin detox. It’s the first phase because true recovery can’t start if heroin is still in their bodies. ARCs Los Angeles Heroin Detox Center helps the body while it eliminates the drug toxins.

With heroin addiction, however, the brain has adapted to the drug use. It relies on the drugs to function normally. When people quit using heroin, their brains trigger a withdrawal response that causes painful symptoms.

Typical examples include cold sweats, fever, nausea, vomiting, restlessness, mood swings, insomnia and muscle aches. Most of the time, the symptoms start in six to 12 hours after abstaining. They get increasingly worse for about three days before they subside by the end of a week.

Without proper heroin addiction treatment, most people start using heroin again during the detox process. Their goal at this point is to make the withdrawal symptoms stop.

When they get medical detox, though, the doctors and nurses can make them more comfortable. They may use antinausea, antidepressant and anti-seizure medications. A heroin addiction treatment center might use holistic therapies such as meditation and yoga as well. These methods relieve stress and help restore the balance between the body and mind.

Maintenance Therapy

As people progress through treatment to rehab, they may continue to use medications as maintenance therapy. This approach helps them stay sober by relieving withdrawal symptoms that linger, such as cravings. The most common medications that a heroin addiction treatment center prescribes are methadone, naltrexone, and buprenorphine. Some people even continue maintenance therapy after rehab to help them stay sober as they adapt to living without heroin.

Rehab and Therapy

Although medical detox and medication maintenance are a good start to overcoming addiction, they’re only the beginning. The work really begins in rehab and therapy sessions. Addiction therapy services are essential in heroin addiction treatment because recovery won’t last long without addressing the cause of addiction.

Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is a favorite counseling technique because of its effectiveness. It can help people address the negative thoughts and behaviors they have. Essentially, it works on the premise that people don’t react to situations. Instead, they react to their thoughts and emotions.

CBT first focuses on helping them change negative or distorted thoughts. For instance, some people with heroin addiction think that everyone hates them or that they’re worthless. These distorted beliefs create negative feelings, which lead to negative behaviors. By correcting this pattern of thinking, people develop more positive emotions and actions.

Therapists can use CBT in individual, group and family sessions. However, it’s not the only type of therapy that a heroin addiction treatment center can use. It might also use impulse awareness, anger and stress management, depression therapy and somatic therapy. Again, the therapies that people undergo depend on their unique needs during treatment.

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