When most people think about the 12 Step program, Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) usually comes to mind. Although this support group was the first to use this model, others have adopted its principles. Many rehab centers have integrated the model into their addiction programs as well, just like our 12 step program Los Angeles favors.

The History of the 12 Step Model

Group meetings are a part of a 12 step program Los AngelesA successful stockbroker in the early 1900s, Bill Wilson’s career ended when he developed alcohol addiction. Despite frequent medical care, he continued drinking. His friend Edwin Thacher told him about the self-improvement guidelines from Oxford Group that helped him stop drinking. The Christian group based its principles on honesty, unselfishness, and spirituality.

After declining an invitation to join the Oxford Group, Wilson had a spiritual awakening while getting hospital treatment. The event made him stop drinking, and he co-founded AA with Dr. Bob Smith, who had alcohol addiction too. He published The Big Book a few years later to explain how he recovered from addiction. It outlines the 12 Step program, and many support groups and treatment centers still use its principles.

Overview of the 12 Principles

The 12 Step principles are a set of guidelines that help people become and stay sober. They’re useful for treating drug addictions to alcohol, cocaine, marijuana, heroin and other opioids. The principles also work well with many substance abuse programs. They can also help people with eating disorders, gambling addiction, and other behavior problems.

Through the 12 Step program, people learn to cope with addiction, live without drugs and avoid triggers. It starts with admitting that they’re powerless over addiction. Then, they examine their mistakes and mend the relationships their behavior damaged. The goal is to have a spiritual awakening or personality change that allows them to overcome addiction.

Spirituality and Religion

The principles in the 12 Step program refer to a higher power and God. A lot of people interpret these references as believing and putting their trust in a religious deity. However, they don’t have to be religious to follow the guidelines.

Instead, people can simply believe in something that’s bigger than themselves. In fact, many support groups alter the wording to be inclusive of everyone. This approach also makes a 12 Step program Los Angeles uses compatible with evidence-based treatments at rehab centers. Many facilities even encourage people to join support groups that follow the principles during and after treatment.

The Integrated 12 Step Program Los Angeles Favors

In many cases, the 12 Step program Los Angeles treatment centers combine the principles with other services. This modified approach aids recovery by helping people maintain ongoing sobriety. Although they don’t follow the steps precisely, they promote the methodology.

The principles are an excellent supplement for cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). They both have the goal of changing people’s behaviors and thoughts so that they can overcome addiction. The main difference is that CBT takes a more scientific path to achieve results.

A 12 Step program Los Angeles follows also complements group therapy. As a guideline for support groups to follow, the principles center around peers helping each other. Group therapy in rehab is similar because people come together to share their experiences and support each other. The guidance of a therapist during group sessions is a major difference.

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