When you seek lasting recovery from drug or alcohol addiction, you need a healthy mix of therapies and treatments. These therapies include talk therapy in individual sessions. You also need family and group therapy as well. Some of these sessions include cognitive behavioral therapy Los Angeles, a proven method for changing negative thoughts, beliefs and behaviors for a better lifestyle in sobriety.

What is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Los Angeles Trusts?

Counselor and patient during cognitive behavioral therapy Los AngelesCognitive behavioral therapy Los Angeles (CBT) is one part of a quality treatment plan. For most people seeking addiction recovery, this therapy starts in rehab. With your therapist’s guidance, you learn to catch your self-defeating thoughts. This gives you the ability to prevent negative behaviors that lead to relapse and addiction.

Many people in addiction have destructive thoughts like all-or-nothing thinking. You do not see these thought patterns for the problems they cause in your life. That is until a therapist helps you look at these issues so you can create change. With addiction therapy services like CBT, you stop feeling a sense of failure and self-defeat, instead of seeing the positives in your life.

Cognitive behavioral therapy Los Angeles teaches you how to form healthier, positive thoughts. This proven therapy works wonders for people with substance abuse problems, eating disorders, PTSD, OCD, and ADD. It also works well for anxiety, depression and other mental health problems. With CBT, you live mindfully, solve problems and achieve goals. Benefits of cognitive behavioral therapy Los Angeles include:

  • Ending self-destructive patterns
  • Forming healthier thoughts
  • Methods work well in both group and individual therapy
  • Learned skills prove useful and practical for everyday life
  • You build coping skills to reduce stress and difficulties

Cognitive behavioral therapy includes some homework, journaling, and practice between sessions. While most people dislike homework, these assignments help CBT skills become second nature. You also gain hands-on learning and build your skill set against relapse.

How CBT Works

CBT works by showing you that many harmful thoughts, actions, and emotions are illogical and irrational. Your negative patterns likely root in past experiences, trauma or other environmental factors.

During cognitive behavioral therapy you learn why you feel certain ways. You also learn how your feelings lead to wrong actions like substance abuse or anxiety. When you gain this understanding, you also gain greater control over your addiction. You reach goals and work through problems with greater ease.

Automatic, unwarranted thoughts are one of the most significant issues in your mental and behavioral health. These thoughts are also the first impulses that come from self-doubt and fear. You defeat yourself when you think and believe these automatic, negative thoughts. So instead of trying to overcome impulsive thoughts, you learn to make them more positive with CBT.

For many people, automatic thoughts feel painful. They also mimic the voice of past abusers and grow from bad experiences in your life. When this pain occurs, some people use drugs or alcohol to numb the pain. This is how substance abuse takes hold for many, rooting the addiction to past trauma, low self-esteem, and self-medication.

Improved mood is one of the greatest benefits of CBT. This is why the therapy works well for a range of behavioral problems beyond addiction. Those seeking a depression or anxiety treatment center Los Angeles provides would do well to contact ARC for these addiction therapies.

Quality Los Angeles Detox and Rehab Programs with CBT for Lasting Recovery

In Los Angeles, Authentic Recovery Center helps people just like you overcome substance abuse and mental health problems for a better life. This treatment starts with detox. It also continues through rehab treatment and aftercare. Through a range of therapies and methods, you get a stronger sense of yourself for a better life.

Programs and services at Authentic Recovery Center include:

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