When you seek rehab treatment for your addiction recovery, you come across many new terms. Some of these terms relate to addiction therapy services and practices for your actual treatment, such as dialectical behavior therapy (DBT). DBT gives you new skills for managing your emotions and relationship conflicts in recovery. After all, being sober means that you once again must feel your emotions and engage with others.

About Dialectical Behavior Therapy

Group session can include dialectical behavior therapy Los Angeles trustsDialectical behavior therapy focuses on skill building in four main areas. These four skill areas include improving mindfulness, tolerating distress, regulating your emotions and building healthy communication. Mindfulness helps you focus on being present in the current time of your life. You accept each moment for what it brings and stop focusing on the past or what could happen in the future.

Tolerating distress helps you deal with negative emotions. With your substance abuse, you hid from your feelings. Not feeling was part of what attracted you to drug or alcohol use. So by learning how to deal with emotions that make you uncomfortable, you actually build strength against relapse. Emotional regulation helps you manage intense emotions that cause problems in your everyday life. You learn to turn these emotions around and stop feeling like your life is heavy or gloomy.

Finally, healthy communication helps you assert your own needs when appropriate, maintain your self-respect and build healthy relationships. You experience fewer conflicts and struggles when you are able to communicate with others appropriately.

Do I Need Dialectical Behavior Therapy?

Dialectical behavior therapy originally started as one method of treating borderline personality disorder. But more recent use shows this therapy also helps with a wide range of behavioral health issues during substance abuse programs. Today’s dialectical behavior therapy treats bulimia, binge eating, depression, bipolar disorder, PTSD and addiction. Because you isolated yourself in your addiction, you stopped using essential life skills. So dialectical behavior therapy Los Angeles helps you resurrect those lost skills, also improving them.

Through this effective therapy in addiction treatment, you learn to manage your daily life better. You keep seeing your bright future ahead. In determining to see difficult times as momentary, you do not let them overwhelm you as you did in the past. You also stop hiding from negative feelings, emotions, and conflicts while using new skills to resolve them.

How Your Therapist Conducts DBT

Dialectical behavior therapy Los Angeles involves dialectics. That is, balancing opposites. So your therapist works with you to find ways to hold a balanced view of the situations and occurrences in your own life. Dialectical behavior therapy Los Angeles helps you keep from falling into old habits of seeing your life and its events as all-or-nothing or “black and white.” By having a balanced view of your life, you gain acceptance and find your way to change.

For your DBT, your therapist meets with you one-on-one and in group therapy skills sessions. Your therapist helps you apply the skills in daily life, overcome obstacles in your treatment and stay motivated. In group skills sessions you learn new skills of DBT alongside other people struggling with the same issues. Together, you share experiences and support each other. Many of these sessions involve assigned homework, such as practicing your mindfulness skills.

Researchers developed DBT after cognitive behavioral therapy Los Angeles, another type of behavioral therapy. So you possibly undergo both CBT and DBT during addiction therapies.

Therapies and Programs You Need for Healthy Addiction Recovery

For your healthy recovery from addiction, you need skills that prepare you for a sober life. These skills include those learned in dialectical behavior therapy as well as other methods used to overcome struggles faced in recovery. Well-rounded addiction treatment services at Authentic Recovery Center in West Los Angeles include:

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