When you seek treatment for an addiction, you want the best treatment available. You want to know that you have the highest chance of success. At Authentic Recovery Center, we offer evidence based treatment options that our patients have used to recover their lives.

What is Evidence Based Treatment?

Man with looking right at the camera knowing he needs evidence based treatment for addictionEvidence based treatment is treatment practices that have had successful results when used before. Additionally, treatment is supported by clinical research recognized in scholarly publications. Moreover, supporting research shows that a particular treatment is consistently successful with controlled test groups.

Patients Benefit from Evidence Based Practice

Patients benefit from evidence based practice because the addiction treatment services involved are proven to help others overcome their addictions consistently. When professionals treat patients with these types of methods, they guarantee that patients undergo the most effective treatment. While addiction is hard to break, a center that offers evidence based practice gives patients the best chance at success.

Addiction Treated at Authentic Recovery Center

At Authentic Recovery Center, a team of health professionals designs a personalized plan for each patient based on evidence based treatment practices. The treatment plan includes a variety of therapies and programs focused on helping you become a healthy, balanced person. We focus our treatment on therapy and abstinence, providing many options, including:

Because your addiction might be linked to an underlying psychological issue, we offer many levels of treatment from the first stage of your recovery through the last. Sometimes, you have to revise your core values to overcome an addiction. Evidence based treatment, which often focuses on therapies addressing behavior and thinking, is successful for this reason. In our group therapy program, you grow and learn with others who are facing similar issues. If you also have a co-occurring psychological condition, you simultaneously undergo treatment for addiction and the mental disorder.

Authentic Evidence Based Treatment in West Los Angeles

You get personalized treatment at our West Los Angeles facilities. You will also enjoy a very supportive atmosphere. A medical doctor, a substance abuse counselor and a licensed psychiatrist manage all stages of your recovery with the use of evidence based practice. Because we have a modest number of patients, you enjoy personal attention to your individual needs. Through the program, we work on identifying the beliefs and values involved in your addiction. After you complete the residential and outpatient stages, we offer continued support while you work through those values. We also know that finances can be a concern, so we offer our services with in-network insurance with Cigna, Aetna, Blue Cross and Anthem.

West Los Angeles is an ideal place for treatment as many other people have gone through a similar journey here, from abuse to sobriety. You can expect understanding and support to remain sober and free of substance use. Meanwhile, you regain control of your life, making new plans and getting on the road to success. Recovery can be challenging, but with local support groups and our alumni program, you can find the strength to continue on this healthy path.

When you are ready to leave addiction behind, contact Authentic Recovery Center to begin evidence based treatment at our facilities. Call 866-256-0051 and open the door to a healthy, joyful life, free from drug abuse.