Those struggling with addiction of any kind require professional treatment. Within addiction treatment, one of the modalities clients will encounter is individual therapy.

An individual therapy program helps those with substance abuse issues figure out what happened and how to get better. In this type of therapy, one-on-one talk therapy helps them learn more about themselves and their addiction. They can look at past trauma or mental health issues they have been avoiding. Moreover, they can find solutions to their addiction problems.

There are numerous types of addiction therapy services included in individual therapy or individual counseling.

What To Know About Individual Therapy

Man with hands up participating in an individual therapy program for addictionYou’ll find an individual therapy program at most recovery centers. This is because it’s the best form of therapy for dealing head-on with addiction and substance use.

When you enter any type of treatment center for addiction, you will meet with an individual therapist right away. The most that you can do at this time, however, is discuss the nature and history of your addiction. You might also speak about your background and give your therapist or counselor some general information about yourself. Family history of addiction, mental health background, and physical health inventory is necessary as well.

It’s important to find a therapist or counselor on staff who you can “click” with. First, this means that you feel generally comfortable with this person. Next, it means that this individual is able to understand where you are on the addiction scale and how to address your issues comfortably.

Some therapists have been in your shoes. Often, those who have struggled with addiction in the past and recovered go into the field of addiction counseling. They see this as a way to help others who have the same addiction problems. You can use the first session as an opportunity to decide whether this counselor will be a good fit for you. In some cases, you can change therapists. For example, some female residents at a Los Angeles women’s rehab will simply want a female counselor or vice versa. And the same goes for men.

How Can Individual Counseling Help?

During individual therapy, you will learn many things about yourself, such as your addiction, your progress, and how to stay sober. No one knows precisely why some people become addicted to drugs or alcohol. Is it a gene? Is it nature or nurture? Does it have something to do with a learned experience? Addiction education therapy can help answer some of these questions in your quest for sobriety.

Even though we cannot answer these questions across the board, individual counseling may be able to answer them for you. Remember, you can speak with your counselor about when, why, and how you started having trouble with substance abuse. Everything is on the table in this form of counseling. Furthermore, you can trust your counselor. They are not able to discuss your therapy sessions with anyone else.

Family Therapy Tied to Individual Counseling

For some people, therapy may mean talking mainly about your family. Often times, those who have trouble with their parents end up struggling with addiction later on. Some people have had a rough childhood. Abuse may have been a problem. A quality family therapy program can get to the bottom of the issues and help families heal.

Perhaps a parent also struggled with addiction. For many people, this is the gateway to addiction. Remember, individual therapy is the perfect time to discuss this with a professional counselor. It’s a safe place where you can explore your family background and issues. Of course, you can also explore your role in your family, and how it may have led to substance abuse.

Individual counseling has helped millions of people around the world. When you enter counseling with a licensed counselor, they may use different therapy models, such as DBT (dialectical behavioral therapy) or CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy). These behavioral therapies are evidence based treatment that works in addiction recovery.

Finding an Individual Therapy Program Near You

If you are looking for an individual therapy program attached to an addiction rehab, you can find one at Authentic Recovery Center. ARC offers detox as well as numerous programs for recovery from substance abuse. Some of our programs include:

Contact Authentic Recovery Center if you or someone you care about is struggling with addiction. Not only will you encounter a kind, compassionate staff, and state-of-the-art facilities, but you’ll get the individual therapy you need. Recovery from addiction is within your grasp. All you have to do is call 866-256-0051 right now.