In addiction treatment, mindfulness training is becoming increasingly popular. This ancient practice of Eastern medicine works well whether it’s alone or with other types of therapy, such as cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). Practicing mindfulness simply means being aware of your experience, surroundings, and responses in the present moment. So this training helps you stay committed to recovery by making smart decisions at tough times, to avoid relapse.

Why You Need Mindfulness Training in Rehab

At Authentic Recovery Center in West Los Angeles, you can take part in a mindfulness training program. This program helps you understand the practice of mindfulness and how to apply it to your daily life. Although much of being mindful comes naturally over time, you must develop the self-discipline to achieve that level of personal awareness.

Man centers himself during a mindfulness training program

In treatment, your mindfulness training program therapist guides you in focusing on the present moment. You learn how to avoid getting swept away by thoughts, sensations, and emotions of the past and future.

The therapist uses exercises that help you build up these new skills. Your mindfulness training uses mental imagery, breathing practice, body and mind awareness, and physical relaxation. These exercises draw your attention to individual parts of your body and the sensations of each.

As you grow in mindfulness, you can easily put to practice what you have learned whenever you feel stress, anguish, or other discomforts. This helps you build a sense of peacefulness and strength to work through problems and difficult situations. You also learn to listen to a calmer inner voice for more thoughtful actions in your best interest. You’ll soon realize you do not argue, consider substance abuse, and act out emotionally as you did in the past.

Getting Out of the Chaos of Addiction

Addiction is chaos. It destroys many areas of your life, if not all of them. Your relationships, work, education, family life, home environment, finances, legal status, and health all suffer when you routinely abuse substances.

Mindfulness training helps you leave that chaos behind for a greater quality of life. The best part of this practice is its portability. You can practice your mindfulness training program anywhere, at any time. In fact, you usually only need a few minutes of mindfulness training each day to make a real difference in your life.

These methods help with addiction recovery in that they slow your life down to help you assess what matters most right now. A mindfulness training program equips you to achieve tranquility and peace without using drugs or alcohol. You also grow happier and more fulfilled in daily sobriety, by noticing more of the good things in your life. Finally, mindfulness training helps you understand your reactions so you can let go of old behaviors that only pulled you down.

Other Important Therapies of Your West Los Angeles Rehab Program

Of course, your Authentic Recovery Center rehab treatment includes more than just mindfulness. You receive a mix of quality addiction therapy services and education that help you understand your substance abuse and how to avoid relapse. For example, these programs and therapies at Authentic Recovery Center include:

Learn more about mindfulness training and your own road to recovery at Authentic Recovery Center in West Los Angeles. Call 855-568-7132 now and start your new life today. You can learn the skills you need for a better life in sobriety, with Authentic Recovery Center’s help. So make this call now.