Also called talk therapy, psychotherapy treatment helps people who suffer from mental illness, substance use disorder and emotional problems. In your talk therapy sessions, you work with a trained therapist to manage or end troubling symptoms. This work enables you to function better as part of daily life. It also helps you overcome your root causes of addiction and prevent relapse.

Your individual therapy program Los Angeles helps you with many life problems, such as:

  • Coping in daily life
  • Impact of trauma
  • Physical illness
  • Death of a loved one
  • Mental health problems
  • Substance abuse and addiction

What Happens in Psychotherapy Treatment?

Counselor taking notes during dialectial behavior therapy Los Angeles ARC providesYour psychotherapy treatment in rehab takes place as individual, family, couples or group therapy sessions. Most of these sessions last 30 minutes to an hour. For your therapy to work, you need to engage with the therapist and build trust with him or her. This trust is vital to benefit from your sessions.

Some psychotherapy treatment is short term. For others, therapy takes a long-term approach to deal with bigger issues, such as trauma or addiction. How much psychotherapy treatment you need depends on your individual treatment plan, goals and needs.

Your therapist encourages you to live a productive and fulfilling life. Some therapy work may involve goals or specific changes in your lifestyle, such as regular exercise, healthy nutrition, gainful employment, adequate sleep, socializing and abstaining from drugs or alcohol.

Will Psychotherapy Help Me with My Addiction?

Most people who go through psychotherapy treatment Los Angeles experience symptom relief and better functioning as part of daily life. According to research, about three in four people undergoing talk therapy show its benefits.

You can expect your therapy to improve your emotions and behaviors. But it also provides benefits for your brain and body. You are likely to experience fewer sick days and medical problems, as a result. Through quality psychotherapy treatment Los Angeles you also gain greater satisfaction from your routine, such as through your work.

Talk therapy is a major component of addiction therapy services at Authentic Recovery Center and helps with your addiction in its exploration of why you started abusing drugs or alcohol, in the first place. For example, if you suffered trauma or other problems in your life and self-medicated with substance abuse, you can expect to feel stronger in your recovery after therapy. The same is true for anxiety, depression and a range of other mental illnesses that trigger substance abuse, with your need for self-medication reducing as you learn and practice coping skills.

To get the most out of your therapy, collaborate with your therapist. Follow their guidance with honesty and openness to the process. Therefore, you should also follow your treatment plan, complete any homework assignments and practice what you learn in sessions.

Los Angeles Addiction Treatment with Therapy

Your addiction rehab at Authentic Recovery Center includes psychotherapy treatment Los Angeles trusts. This therapy helps you understand your own reasons for turning to alcohol or drugs. It also gives you the insight and skills you need to solve past problems in your life, for a better future in recovery. In rehab therapy, you learn a lot about your addiction and expand on what you learn through an array of other therapies and treatment methods.

Your treatment at Authentic Recovery Center in West Los Angeles includes:

When you want a better life in addiction recovery, psychotherapy treatment Los Angeles helps you achieve that new life. Contact Authentic Recovery Center at 866-256-0051 today for more information about available treatment programs.